30 Magnificent Wooden DIYs Shared In This Online Community

Published 11 months ago

Woodworking is an art form that transforms raw materials into exquisite creations, combining skill, creativity, and dedication. In the digital age, online communities have become hubs where woodworking enthusiasts from around the world gather to share their projects, ideas, and expertise.

Among these communities, one particular woodworking community has stood out as a treasure trove of exceptional woodworking ideas. Let’s delve into the realm of craftsmanship and innovation as we explore some instances when remarkable woodworking concepts were shared within this thriving online collective.

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#1 Took A Little Too Much Pride In Our Work This Week

Image source: paisleyplanner

#2 This Is A Cat Themed Wooden Chess Set That I Designed And Sculpted Myself

Image source: mata_266

#3 A Small Gang Of Strange Birds In My Workshop. Kinda Noisy And Keep Demanding Fish

Image source: iron_reampuff

#4 Funcle Status Archived; Bulldozer Bed Complete

Image source: Miserable_Mouse_2334

#5 It’s Not Perfect But $35 For All The Materials Beats Buying A New Door. Damn Dog Won’t Keep Me From Getting That Security Deposit Back

Image source: Mr_Bulldops2112

#6 Curved Shelf Experiment

Image source: Markinarkanon

#7 Layered Plywood Spiral Staircase (With White Oak Treads)

Image source: Azrael_Fornivald

#8 I Carved This Giant Monarch Butterfly From Maple Wood!

Image source: enufalrefe

#9 I Made A Little Person Very Happy Today

Image source: thebiach

#10 Walnut Side Table With Epoxy. LED Light Strip Underneath For Lighting Effect

Image source: uberdumpling1

#11 DIY Woodpecker Clock Made By Myself. Material Is 3mm Plywood

Image source: jabe-jace

#12 Kiwi!

Image source: liamoco123

#13 My Wood Sculpture ‘Hildr’. Made From Walnut Timber And Limewood

Image source: Jo-Bo

#14 Bee On A “Honeycomb”

Image source: catchar316

#15 Walnut Mountain Shelf Made From My Carver

Image source: yason2

#16 Found Out They Were Making Micro Machines Again And Made A Birthday Present For My Youngest

Image source: mw33212

#17 Fire, In Basswood

Image source: pondcypress

#18 Dragon Priest Staves From Skyrim I Crafted Out Of Wood. They Are 140cm Tall

Image source: t_sekuloski

#19 I Made A Tissue Box From Some Scraps Of Walnut And Cherry

Image source: mw33212

#20 I Made A Trefoil Knot Out Of Cherry!

Image source: unwinding

#21 Made A Wall Ruler To Track My Grandchildren’s Growth

Image source: Whiteylefty

Nothing complicated but I’m already getting requests to make more. So far only one of them can even stand up so I’m way ahead of schedule. Simple but fun, gives me joy!

#22 This Was My Winter Project

Image source: t-b0ne_pickens

#23 I Made A Millennium Falcon Bed For My Daughter

Image source: skyview55413

#24 Wood Dolphin I Made And Decorated It In A Pattern Inspired By My Huichol Culture

Image source: Mexiart

#25 I Made A Spice Rack

Image source: newportonehundreds

#26 Big Marquetry Project I Finished Today

Image source: twelve12sides

#27 Officially My Cutest Project Ever!

Image source: thewoodfather

#28 When You Want To Carry A 17’ Kayak Inside A 6’ Wide Teardrop Camper

Image source: builderbob53

#29 My Screen Porch I Built In 2020

Image source: samoctober

#30 Hi Everybody, Here Is My Second Attempt To Create A Sculpture With Wood. My Father Taught Me

Image source: Ok_Sorbet_3501

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