10+ Innocent Minds That Misunderstood The Internet

Published 6 years ago

The internet can be a difficult place to understand. The acronyms, the slang, the memes – there’s a lot to keep up with and sometimes, you might slip up and completely misinterpret the meaning of a seemingly casual expression. The people below did just that.

If you’re not aware of what fluff, cream pie or beating meat stands for in the internet language, you might be in for a surprise. Look it up at your own risk and keep in mind that we’ve warned you.

Yet, if you’re one of those people that perfectly get the innuendos of the internet, we can assure that the collection of pictures below will make you giggle at those silly cinnamon buns that are just too pure for this world.

(h/t boredpanda)

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Image source: slothmaggedon


Image source: fasterfood


Image source: setheverman


Image source: lesbianvenom


Image source: itsnotjustpms


Image source: princesstiana


Image source: siriuslyscrewedup


Image source: highjinkx


Image source: idkhumor


Image source: evaxxoxoxo-blog-blog


Image source: jackvaldeezy


Image source: bombing


Image source: glitteratty


Image source: lanadelcunt


Image source: risingmoonflower


Image source: 47scorpios


Image source: heart


Image source: baku


Image source: hatsuneniko


Image source: fartswithdignity


Image source: jturn


Image source: lordfeanor


Image source: princesswitchy


Image source: taylorwearsred


Image source: lubricates


Image source: your-moon-and-stars


Image source: Kat Angus


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