20 Hilarious Posts From The ‘Instructions Unclear’ Online Group

Published 2 years ago

If you look around your surroundings, you might find instructions to do lots of things. However, some people read those instructions wrong or take them too literally. And sometimes, people just mess up to have some fun.

The online community “Instructions Unclear” is dedicated to sharing photos of people failing to follow instructions. In its description, it says, “Misunderstandings are AWESOME!” Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 How Am I Supposed To Text And Drive Without My Hands?

Image source: goombah111

#2 Attention

Image source: gnj26

#3 What Do I Do?

Image source: WildVergito

#4 Instructions Were Unclear

Image source: ktrinh94

#5 Strange Rule, But Ok

Image source: ihavethebestmarriage

#6 Throw Out A Jab.. Set The Tone

Image source: qdubbya

#7 Couldn’t Figure Out Crosspost. Found On Hold Up

Image source: Eorskus

#8 I Need Someone Conceived Of In Vietnam To Assemble My Chair For Me!

Image source: -grover

#9 And Blue Means

Image source: renoscarab

#10 What Should I Do?

Image source: Enderjora

#11 It Was Hung

Image source: ajwhummel

#12 The Third Warning On This Diamond Art Box

Image source: PreferredEnemy

#13 A Classic

Image source: dankmesti

#14 Instructions Unclear, Hanging From My Horse

Image source: malnox

#15 Yeet The Baby?

Image source: TheGoldenBoi_

#16 Just Do It!….or Don’t!

Image source: DjFizz

#17 I Have No Idea What This Teabag Wants Me To Do…which Is It?!

Image source: ClintonKelly87

#18 Do It Quickly, Please I Beg You. .

Image source: FaceAndKMS

#19 Right Of Way

Image source: stinkles555

#20 Against A Bear

Image source: hallohannes123

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