25 Insulting Job Listings That Show How Job Hunting Is A Nightmare

Published 2 months ago

Job advertisements typically include key information like salary, benefits, flexibility, potential career growth, and company values. However, not all job ads follow these guidelines. We’ve gathered some of the most absurd and disrespectful job listings out there. You might find yourself wondering, “Would a reputable company actually post this?” From ridiculous work hours to laughable pay rates, some of these job ads have truly outrageous requirements.

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#1 Actually Job Posting I Found Today

Image source: stardate2017

CP: Unpaid internships should be illegal

#2 It Job Listing Requires 4 Months Of Unpaid Training For A 2 Month Internship

Image source: anobakatachi

Image source: Aulourie

UpQuarkDownQuark (he/him): $2.42/hour? Sign me up!

#4 Here, Take This Full Time Job For $1.50 An Hour, Oh And I’ll Need You To Be My Personal Chauffeur Too

Image source: Maleficent-Present57

#5 Woman Thinks Two Jobs Are One

Image source: james95rrfc

#6 Apply For This Job! But Only If Your Portfolio Has No Gaps, Yet You Can Start For Me Tomorrow Without Needing To Work A 2 Week Notice For Your Precious Employment

Image source: overflowingsewing

abitha: Typical s****y employer, who probably also pays below subsistence wages and wants people to be grateful for it. Bet they also wonder why “no-one wants to work anymore”. Dipshit, people DO want to work. They just don’t want to work for YOU.

#7 Wants To Hire A Photographer For 8 Hours. No Pay, But Will Put Your Name On The Flyer! (Yeah, No Thanks)

Image source: DollaDollaCarlYall

LakotaWolf (she/her): The logo will be on a flyer that will be seen by over 300 people! 300!!! Wow! /s

#11 This Is An Actual Job Posting…

Image source: PrettyKitty129

They want to hire someone with a PhD (someone who has been in school at least 10 years), but pay then so low they would need to live like a struggling undergrad eating cheap ramen all the time… without guarantee they will be able to pay them at all for long

#12 Everything About This Job Listing

Image source: caroliner416

Surenu: Anyone willing to work for such a salary can not be an expert on finances.

#13 A Full $10/Hour!

Image source: beerbellybegone

#14 Wants A Masters Degree For A Minimum Wage Job

Image source: SkykZelda

#15 Kind Redditor Offering A Job… And What A Deal It Is!

Image source: reddit.com

#16 In Search Of Someone Who Doesn’t Value Their Time Whatsoever

Image source: qq2935924430

#17 Job Ad: Caretaker Work For Free! No Wage! Bonus Power, Water And Bathroom Access!

Image source: Mysterious_Land_177

#18 Girlfriend Is Looking For Jobs, Found An Opening For Slave Labor

Image source: FurlockTheTerrible

#19 Company Requires “20+ Yrs Experience” To Hire You For $18-$22 An Hour

Image source: NameShortage

#20 Ridiculous Job Posting Lists “Can Afford To Live On Minimum Wage” As A Qualification

Image source: PanzramsTransAm

#21 We Don’t Pay You, You Have To Pay Us

Image source: PassedPawn360

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: So you’re going to need a job to pay for your job.

#22 $6.25 An Hour ?

Image source: conjoe1999

#23 An Employer With An Insane List Of Requirements For A Strenuous And Dangerous Job… That Only Pays $8.50 An Hour

Image source: ScrotumSam

Kira Okah: I got more than this for the same requirements (minus the running requirement, have an animal field bachelors). Animal work is very c**p on the pay side.

#24 Now Hiring But Not Really!

Image source: Prodigyjojo

Ingeborg Børch: Nope.

#25 Neighbors Want To Hire A Maid To Clean 5 Houses For Under Minimum Wage

Image source: Mission-Signature166

Ingeborg Børch: Who can say no to that.

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