20 Times People Discovered Something That Became Irreplaceable Parts Of Their Lives

Published 11 months ago

Throughout our lives, we encounter various experiences and stumble upon unexpected treasures that leave a lasting impact. Sometimes, these discoveries become more than mere possessions or interests—they become an integral part of who we are.

From hobbies to eating habits, certain findings have the power to shape our identity, provide us with purpose or form an addiction. This Reddit thread sheds light upon things that became an irreplaceable part of people’s lives.

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Image source: Affectionate-Car-317, Laura Stanley

A dog.


Image source: Scipio91, HS You

A really good mattress. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of most important things in life.


Image source: Vonnexgrace, amazon.ae

I bought a $90 “beauty pillow” that encourages back sleeping or lets you side sleep in a way that doesn’t smoosh your face. I am a vain b***h and I take that thing on all my trips. My weird forehead wrinkles disappeared.


Image source: CouldMurderACarvery, HS You

Air Fryer.


Image source: Kapuishon88, Element5 Digital

For me, it’s noise-canceling headphones.


Image source: rebeckyfay, Erin Perry

Sugar. Been trying to live without it but damn, it’s more addicting than drugs.


Image source: anon, Internet


I’ve been on it for so long, that I can’t breathe without it. I just need that reach into the other world since the real one sucks.


Image source: ScienceMomCO, Bev Sykes

Baby wipes. Damn, they are good at cleaning up so many things! The kids are 10 and 15 now and we still buy them by the case. Clean the counters, clean your shoes, get stains out of your clothes, bring them with you when you go eat ribs. Better than a napkin. Clean the table. Clean the desk. Clean the island. Wipe up the spill.


Image source: DanknessOfHallowvale, Anna Nekrashevich

Unlimited data on your phone plan; you don’t realize the kind of prison you’re in without it.


Image source: Whatapine, Max Rahubovskiy

Air conditioning.
Especially at night, set really low, so you can snuggle up in your bed.
I don’t know how people sleep with temps 80+.


Image source: anon, Karolina Grabowska

A decent income.



Image source: lord_of_shinigami


Image source: _CPR_, iBrand Company

Blackout curtains for me. The noise-cancelling headphones of light.


Image source: LexamurDer_, Karen

Daytime nap. Seriously,I am addicted to it.


Image source: ta_beachylawgirl, Pixabay

GPS. I can’t navigate to save my life so it’s a godsend for me.


Image source: Whatapine, cottonbro studio

A dishwasher.


Image source: solipsisticsundays, Sam Lion

A cat purring and curled up in your lap.


A good, sharp, kitchen knife.

Image source: TommmyThumb


Image source: walkswithelias, Ben Stanfield

A bidet.

TheBigC87 replied:

Was gonna say the same. I explain to people that once you use one, you’ll feel like a peasant when you wipe your a** with TP.


Image source: nildrohain454, Tatsuo Yamashita

Filtered water. Bought a Brita when I got my house, can’t stand the taste of tap water now. But filtered? Love it.

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