20 Times People Were Surprised By Their Amazing Dumpster Diving Finds

Published 10 months ago

Dumpster diving, often associated with scavenging discarded items, has gained popularity among those seeking to reduce waste, find hidden treasures, or simply embrace a frugal lifestyle. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

The subreddit Dumpster Diving takes you to a world where people have stumbled upon some seriously unbelievable finds. From hidden gems to unexpected surprises, these stories will make you believe that dumpster diving is like a real-life treasure hunt. So, put on your adventure caps and get ready to hear about some instances when people couldn’t believe their luck while rummaging through the dumpsters!

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#1 Dug This Late 50s Bike In A Dumpster At An Apartment On The Way To Work

Image source: big-guy-small-car

#2 Pet Food When I Wasn’t Even Going To Go Out

Image source: CeleryCharacter3530

Start out with just a little back story… we rescue special needs dogs. Some have emotional issues. Some are deaf. There have been neurological issues (a hydro that lived only 9 weeks… we had him 3 days before he crossed the rainbow bridge in his sleep). I sometimes worry about running short on pet food. I would go without long before I would let them do without. I get delivery every few weeks to know I’m staying ahead.

Tonight I was planning on going to the second hand store to get some shorts… pick up mower gas… long day at work… almost didn’t go.

But we did

Almost didn’t swing by the dumpster (it’s one we have gotten a crap ton of Starbucks k-cups and we almost always get something here that will help. Wasn’t going to swing by. But I did.

Peeked in and almost cried. 200+ pounds of dog food. Cat food for my son’s rescue cat. Cat litter for my son’s rescue cat.

Some days I can see the little rays of sunshine.

#3 My First Dive…. Saw A “Store Closing” Sign And Thought. Hmm

Image source: GertBFrobe

I’m hooked I saw these and grabbed them all.

#4 Dd Gods Were Smiling Down On Me Tonight

Image source: willieandthets

#5 West Elm Plates! A Set Of 8. A Distinguished Gentleman, Animal Collection

Image source: Individual-Quit-2273

#6 Found A Sealed Box At The Dump. Found Inside Brand New Unopened Auto Tracking Telescope

Image source: Babashanti

#7 Why Just Chuck This??

Image source: Nagman15

#8 Found This Guy In Dumpster Few Days Ago

Image source: xaristocatsx

#9 Back In 2018, I Found 15 Used Iphones At My Works Electrical Waste Bin

Image source: DwayneFreeman

I switched screens and batteries between them and got 6 fully functional phones that i sold for 500£. 30 minutes well spent.

#10 Shoe Store Recycling Dumpster Boxes Are Great For Shipping, And Today I Got Lucky And Found A Brand New Pair Of Converse!

Image source: PowerAdDuck

#11 God I Love Working In Waste Disposal

Image source: Daza786

#12 Free Floor Upgrade

Image source: SterTheDer

Found 90+ planks of SPC flooring in the common park construction dumpster , perfectly timed! I was just debating upgrading the floor in my bathroom, but didn’t want to spend the $$$ prior to moving. 60 full planks remain after this project, so i’ll be doing my kitchen next!

This dumpster has been a goldmine!

#13 Found At The Dump 19th Century Mahogany Plant Stand

Image source: Babashanti

#14 Happy Belated Easter, And Reminder From Jesus That Capitalism Is A Broken System Which Puts Profits Over People!

Image source: tim_p

All from the trash bin of a single local bakery, on a single night… All unexpired. Sad and angry they’d just trash it, instead of donating, brightening some child’s day.

#15 Found This Bad Boy Near The Trashcans Of My Apartment’s Parking Lot. It’d Been Out There A Week And A Half. Even Rained On A Little Bit. Didn’t Expect To Power On At All

Image source: pcgamergirl

#16 Pulled This Sweet Solid Wood Desk Off The Curb

Image source: Bluegodzi11a

#17 Found A Brand New Singer Sc220. The Box Said Damaged, But It Works Perfect. Psyched

Image source: LeavingRightNow

#18 Got This Awesome Chair From A Curb Today

Image source: pleasure_hunter

#19 My Friend Found Kitchenaid In A Dumpster

Image source: RibRubRob2

#20 My High School Gave Me Permission To Search Their E-Waste Trash And I Found A 24 Inch 2008 Imac In Almost Perfect Condition

Image source: Luciano-Spa

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