30 Strange And Rare Medical Cases That Show What Medical Professionals Deal With

Published 2 years ago

The medical world is full of anomalies and weird cases, but some are so rare and surprising that they become memorable. For example, a ladybug was found in the transverse colon during a screening colonoscopy, and 27 lenses were found stuck in an old woman’s eye. There are many more such stories that are quite interesting and only medical professionals can tell us about them.

r/MEDizzy is an online community where medical professionals discuss their experiences and stories, and a few fascinating cases have emerged from this subreddit in the past 3 years. Scroll below to see some of the most bizarre and rare things that happened in the medical world.

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#1 Extracted Tooth With Intact Nerve Root – Super Rare

Image source: MishMeeter

#2 Man Coughs Up Huge Blood Clot Shaped Like A Lung

Image source: Surgeox

#3 Before And After Surgery For Blount’s Disease

Image source: Bommie20

#4 The Medical Staff Of An Organ-Donation Operation Bow To Pay Tribute To 17-Year-Old Female Organ Donor Who Has Saved Multiple Human Lives

Image source: Surgeox

#5 Incredible Well Performed Face Transplant

Image source: HealerMD

#6 This Can Save Many Lives. 12 Signs Of Breast Cancer

Image source: Surgeox

#7 James Harrison The “Man With The Golden Arm”

Image source: Surgeox

“After needing 13 liters of blood for a surgery at the age of 13, a man named James Harrison pledged to donate blood once he turned 18. It was discovered that his blood contained a rare antigen which cured Rhesus disease. He has donated blood a record 1,000 times and saved 2,000,000 lives.”

#8 This Condition Is Called Mirror Hand Syndrome, Less Than 100 Cases Have Ever Been Diagnosed And The Cause Is Still Unknown

Image source: KaantjeBanaantje

#9 This Man Is A Hero

Image source: Surgeox

“Maurice Hilleman developed vaccines for measles, mumps, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, chickenpox, meningitis, pneumonia and Haemophilus influenzae, among many others. He saved more lives than any other scientist during the 20th century.”

#10 Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate. Two Weeks Post Surgery

Image source: Surgeox

#11 2 Surgeons After Successfully Removing A Set Of Brain Tumors During A 32 Hour Surgery

Image source: Surgeox

#12 This Photograph Shows The Dramatic Differences In Two Boys Who Were Exposed To The Same Smallpox Source – One Was Vaccinated, One Was Not.

Image source: Surgeox

#13 Second Degree Skin Burn Before And After “Spray-On Skin” Treatment

Image source: GiorgioMD

#14 While An Adult May Be Able To Use One Prosthetic For A Decade, A Child Will Likely Require Several Prosthetics In That Same Time Period

Image source: HMD_086

#15 Lightning Strike Survivor

Image source: Surgeox

#16 Before & After Facial Transplantation

Image source: blackfridaydude

#17 Ladybug Found In The Transverse Colon During Screening Colonoscopy

Image source: surlier

#18 Case Study Of Tetanus In An Unvaccinated Child

Image source: Surgeox

#19 “I Work In A Hospital. This Is The Aftermath Of A Trauma. He Lived”⁣⁣⁣⁣

Image source: Surgeox

#20 The Difference Jaw Surgery And Rhinoplasty Made On This Woman

Image source: Surgeox

#21 And That’s Why You Wear A Hard Hat

Image source: maplesyrupchin

#22 A Peanut Lodged Inside A Child’s Trachea

Image source: Surgeox

#23 Doctors Find 27 Contact Lenses Stuck In 67-Year-Old Woman’s Eye

Image source: Surgeox

#24 According To My Doctor I Was The First Person In The World To Receive A 3D Printed Bone In 2014. Without It, I Would Have Lost My Knee

Image source: Sverre124

#25 Syphilis Of The Skull. Venereal Diseases

Image source: Surgeox

#26 Polydactyly Surgery – Full Case

Image source: Surgeox

#27 Heart Transplant! Bad Heart Going Out And A New Heart Going In!

Image source: Surgeox

#28 I Had A Brain Tumor Removed, And Now I’m A Bit Absent Minded

Image source: chuffberry

#29 When The Husband Supports His Wife During Childbirth!

Image source: Surgeox

#30 This Is Jc Sheitan Tenet, From Lyon, France. He Is A Tattoo Artist Amputee Who Uses A Prosthetic Tattoo Gun At Work!

Image source: Surgeox

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