35 Times People Showed Off Their Masterful Knolled Arrangements

Published 8 months ago

In a world that often seems chaotic and unpredictable, the concept of knolling has emerged as a visually satisfying antidote. Knolling, the art of arranging objects in a meticulous and orderly manner, has taken the internet by storm, providing a sense of calm and satisfaction to those who appreciate the beauty of precision.

The online community ‘r/knolling‘ shares photos of “All Things Knolled.” We’ve collected some images from them that are sure to soothe your need for order and inspire your inner sense of harmony.

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#1 Typewriter By Todd Mclellan

Image source: unexpectedit3m

#2 All The Shapes Found In The World’s Flags

Image source: Phreakhead

#3 Everything Inside A Dutch Hospital Emergency Room (#tetrischallenge) [2000×1500]

Image source: djernie

#4 I Arranged My Cherry Tomatoes

Image source: non_victus

#5 Contents Of A Croatian Firetruck

Image source: Slopz_

#6 Saw This On Another Sub, Thought You Guys Would Enjoy This. Or Is This Not Really Knolling?

Image source: Unlucky-Parsnip-8834

#7 LEGO 007 Aston Martin Db5 – Knoll Time To Die

Image source: Maxwaltzwell

#8 I Grew Some Potatoes In Buckets During The Last Few Months, Then Knolled The Crop From Each Bucket

Image source: MooMinIL

#9 Sorted Some Similar Shells At The Beach A Few Years Back

Image source: oinkpiggyoink

#10 A Police Department With A Sense Of Humor

Image source: creeperkitty

#11 This Is What I Use To Shoot Wildlife

Image source: hereforhumor

#12 Geometrically Cut Chocolate

Image source: sc2Kaos

#13 LEGO Ideas #028 Set 21320

Image source: bleatingspectre

#14 I Knolled My Beach Finds!

Image source: leesh1200

#15 Every Produce At Stolychnyi Market, Kyiv, Ukraine

Image source: uaix

#16 Corgis

Image source: TenderfootChasm

#17 At Rokin Metro Station In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, They Are Showing All The Archeological Artifacts They Found During The Construction Of The Line (Opened In 2018). Sorry For The Poor Photo, It Is Located Between Moving Escalators

Image source: CousinHubble

#18 I Fish For Metal With Magnets! This Is All Of The Stuff From My Last Trip!

Image source: JDylanHastings

#19 The Swedish Sar Helicopter Run By The Swedish Maritime Administration Are Also Participating In The New Trend

Image source: schultz97

#20 My Version Of The Spice Drawer

Image source: 0k1zuu

#21 Student’s Dorm

Image source: Azuil

#22 1969 Piece LEGO® Nasa Apollo Saturn V #21309 Knolling. I Had Read That Knolling Is “Doubling The Fun”. After This Experience, I’ll Have To Respectfully Disagree… Can’t Wait For The Next One!

Image source: bczdchan

#23 The Handmade Tool Chest Of Henry O. Studley (1838-1925), Organ And Piano Maker

Image source: kefi247

#24 I Know This Isn’t A Perfect Fit To This Sub, But I Thought You Might Still Appreciate My Granddad’s Tool Shed :)

Image source: Mirither

#25 All Those Hex Keys That Come With Furniture And Only Get Used Once

Image source: Maxwaltzwell

#26 Here’s What’s Inside A Swiss Police Car

Image source: mostindianer

#27 My First Old Camera, Took Me 2 Weeks To Find A Composition I Was Happy About

Image source: wozuup

#28 He Calls It ‘Line Up’

Image source: cgchambe

#29 Imperfect Knolling? I Just Like Arranging Neat Organic Things From My Yard!

Image source: pocketmole

#30 All 7541 Pieces Of The Ucs Millennium Falcon!

Image source: -Tish

#31 Czech Police Riot Unit

Image source: iCole

#32 After The Dutch Police Car, Now A Military Medical Boxer From The Royal Netherlands Army

Image source: reddit.com

#33 Finally Got Around To Knolling Our Junk Drawer

Image source: first-time-long-tim

#34 Another Swiss Emergency Service: Dog Police Crew Setup

Image source: djernie

#35 The Contents Of A Preschool Teacher’s Apron Pockets At The End Of An Average Day

Image source: helecho

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