20 Small Severus Snape Facts You Might Have Missed In The Harry Potter Series

Published 4 years ago

Every fan of the Harry Potter series will tell you that Severus Snape was a character that was simply impossible not to fall in love with. Sure, at first many fans disliked the professor as he always seemed rude to the students, and then he received even more hate after he turned out to be a Death Eater. However, towards the end of the series, it was revealed that Snape had nothing but good intentions, and people’s opinions quickly turned around.

Severus remained a mostly misunderstood character throughout almost all of the series but some die-hard fans were quick to point out numerous small details that will help you understand him better. From secretly defending the main characters to sporting some cheeky curls, check out the small Severus Snape facts you might have missed in the gallery below!

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#1 Difference With Other Teachers

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#2 In Snape’s Death Scene, You Can See A Gryffindor Scarf Hanging In The Background. If You’ve Read The Books, This May Be A Subtle Nod To Dumbledore’s Line To Snape, “Sometimes I Think We Sort Too Soon”

#3 An Interesting Note About Snape Being Unattractive

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#4 In The Harry Potter Movies (2001-2011), Snape’s Costume Was The Only One That Never Changed. According To Costume Designer, Jany Temine:”Because, It Was Perfect. When Something Is Perfect You Cannot Change It.” She Joined In Prisoner Of Azkaban And Changed Most Costumes Except Snape’s

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#5 When Snape And Harry First Meet Eyes, Harry’s Scar Hurts. But It’s Actually Because Quirrel’s Head Is Turned At That Exact Moment, And Lord Voldemort Is Living On The Back Of Quirrel’s Head. In Fact, Snape Actually Notices That Harry’s Scar Hurts And Turns To Look At Quirrell. He Later Confronts Quirrell Because He’s Suspicious Of Him Working With Voldemort

#6 He Exhibits Real Emotions

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#7 Severus Snape Is Grey

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#8 This Harry Potter Detail Is Probably Well Known But Has Always Fascinated Me. An “Asphodel” Is A Flower From The Lily Family Meaning “My Regrets Follow You To The Grave”. And Wormwood Means “Absence”. So Snape Was Literally Saying “I Bitterly Regret Lily’s Death”

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#9 Petunia Probably Knew Snape

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#10 Does Snape Even Sleep

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#11 Hermione Actually Respects Snape

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#12 Snape Had An Unfortunate Life Bringing

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#13 Snape’s Patronus

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#14 Snape Is Actually The One To Teach Harry The Spell Expelliarmus, Which Becomes His Signature

#15 Dude Had Some Sweet Curls

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#16 He Knew What Was Going To Happen For So Long

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#17 Trusts Them With His Life

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#18 In Order Of The Phoenix, Snape Teaches Harry Occlumency And Says A Bunch Of Mean (And Likely True) Stuff About His Dad. It Quickly Becomes Clear He’s Provoking Harry In Order To Prove A Point About How He’s Vulnerable To Voldemort

#19 In Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2, Snape Is Still Helping The Order Of The Phoenix When He Re-Directs Mcgonagall’s Spells To The Death Eaters Behind Him

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#20 When Snape Snapped Right Back At Umbridge

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