25 Stories Of The Supernatural Or Weird Sightings With No Evidence

Published 3 months ago

In the boundless expanse of the internet, there exists a realm where anonymity reigns supreme, where individuals from all walks of life gather to share stories, seek advice, and engage in discussions on virtually any topic imaginable. One such corner of the digital universe is Reddit, a platform where users can pose questions, share experiences, and connect with others around the globe. Among the myriad of threads and discussions, one recent query sparked a wave of captivating responses: “What are you absolutely 100% sure you saw but have no proof?”

This intriguing question delves into the realm of the unverifiable, where personal experiences defy tangible evidence and leave a lingering sense of mystery. The responses that flooded in varied from the eerie to the enchanting, each offering a glimpse into the enigmatic encounters of various individuals.

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Image source: yasukeyamanashi, Mathias Reding

Was playing outside with my older brother and saw him dash across the street. I was about to do the same until someone snatched me by shirt and a large white chevy van blew by in front of me. My big brother had never crossed the street and it was him holding me by the shirt.


Whilst heading home on a late night flight working as cabin crew. I went in the flight deck because all the passengers were sleeping and we saw St Elmos fire on the nose of the aircraft. Captain said it was really rare because its usually associated with volcanic ash. One of the coolest things I’ve seen.

Image source: Pablonius


Image source: whoisagoodboi, Jeffrey Eisen

I saw a penguin In California (few hours from SF). I was walking around in the middle of the day with a friend, and we see it near the beach. Poor thing shaking and just standing there. I called animal control and they didn’t believe me. They kept saying “are you sure it’s a penguin??” and “is this some kind of prank??” After a few mins on the phone with them I was like “yeah I’m standing f*****g 5 feet away from it, it’s definitely a penguin.”.


Image source: Fast_Avocado_5057, NOAA

Ball lighting, watched it for a solid minute then it disappeared. It fascinated me out so much I didn’t even think about grabbing my phone.


Image source: EpiphanyPhoenix, Oksana Shchegolkova

I had been hit by my husband.

I was terrified to leave him.

I was driving alone at night and asked out loud, “will I be happy if I leave him?”

As SOON AS I SAID THAT, a bright white object streaked across the sky. I’ve seen falling stars, this was likely a meteor/ite or something. It popped into existence out of seemingly nowhere, arced across the sky, then disappeared.

I had to pull over to the shoulder of the deserted road.

“ARE YOU F*****G KIDDING ME?” I said out loud.

I looked up online to see if anyone saw anything, but I couldn’t find any mention of a meteor shower or anything (I don’t know the date this happened).

I left him within weeks of this event and it was the most terrifyingly brave and best thing I’ve ever done.

I am happy now, in love, and I love myself.


Image source: Bookauthorkidlit, cottonbro studio

My husband died suddenly in 2016. I woke one night and he was sitting on the foot of our bed watching me. I wasn’t afraid and he looked peaceful. He faded after awhile and was gone. We had been together 46 years. Yes I believe in spirits and I think he was letting me know it was ok. Don’t care what naysayers claim.


Image source: Logical-Hovercraft83, Gül Işık

A week after my dad died I saw him sitting in his chair in the day smiling at me. I was so happy to see him but I dont know if I hallucinated him due to emotional stress and grief or it was real. About 6 months later I felt his presence and asked him to turn on the light which it did straight away. Maybe there was a reason but it just felt so strange like he was there. Never been afraid of death since.


Image source: what__th__isit, Ahmet Yüksek

I witnessed a squirrel actually tipping up a (presumably “empty”) discarded can of 7up, using its 2 front paws, like it was drinking it. This was on the front lawn of my kids’ HS shortly after lunch. It happened. Really!


Image source: Early-Soup9691, Klaus Nielsen

I saw a lady i worked with sneak into the walk-in cooler where i worked, so i opened the door for fun…and I’ll never forget this…. she had just went to take a bite of a hard boiled egg, but when she saw me she pushed the whole egg into her mouth and swallowed it WHOLE. Then she said hi and acted like nothing happened. I still can hardly believe it.


Image source: chablise, Axel Blanchard

A jaguarundi in my small town in west(ish) Texas.

I was maybe 11, and walking home from the park through a trail in the woods, and passed a little neighborhood pond. It was a drought year so there was like no water anywhere, but this pond was always full (probably a spring come to think of it). I came around a bend and startled this WEIRD tan cat having a drink. I thought it was a a mountain lion at first, but it was really small (think bobcat or maincoon) and had the silliest little ears and an extra long tail. I remember laughing about its weird little ears the whole way home.

I told my mom I saw a mountain lion with teeny ears and she like scolded me for lying?? I was so pissed and just kind of ignored it until years later when I saw one at a zoo.

IT WAS THE MYSTERY CAT. 100% a jaguarundi which I now know live in Texas. I wish my mom had asked more questions so we could have reported it to whatever wildlife experts would have wanted to know it’s there, since they haven’t been seen in Texas since 86 supposedly. The habitat makes sense too because it’s like the thorniest, scrubbiest, underbrush in the world. Someone had a cut a path to make it easier to walk to the park, but it was basically impenetrable juniper and mesquite on either side.


Not long before an overseas flight I couldn’t find my passport anywhere. Usually kept it in a very small box with other important documents- birth certificate kids passport. Vaguely remembered my young son looking at my passport stamps months before- figured it was stashed behind a sofa or something so tore the whole house apart looking for it. Partner helped, he also checked the document box. It was just nowhere.

Then I remembered the St Anthony prayer, (a story I’d read on reddit that people claimed worked when you’ve lost objects) so I said it aloud three times, st Anthony, st Anthony please come around my passport needs to be found. Went to sleep, prepared to try and get an emergency passport next morning.

Well here’s the thing, I dreamt about the prayer, and the documents box, over and over all night. So when I woke up I went straight to the box (which you needed a chair to reach and was kept high enough my son couldn’t access) and there it was. My passport.

Absolutely cannot explain this. There’s no logical explanation but when I’ve told someone before they said but it must have been in there. It 100 percent was not in the box. My partner was probably more freaked out than me. It was also sitting right where it should have been all along with the 10 or so other things in there. It definitely wouldn’t have been missed.

Weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.

Image source: OnemoreSavBlanc


Image source: khornflakes529, Achraf Alan

The coolest shooting star ever. It lasted a very long time, like a solid 8-10 seconds. It looked like it was “spraying” sparkles out behind it, and the trail changed colors a few times, from red, to green, to purple, etc.

Seen dozens of shooting stars. Never seen one remotely like that.


Image source: Midnight_Poet, Pixabay

Dark, almost moonless night. In back paddock with neighbour, trying to find an ewe that had abandoned its newly-born lamb. Neighbour suddenly lifts rifle, and shoots at fox running straight towards us.

This farmer had *never* missed in the ten or so years we’d known each other.

Imagine my astonishment when the fox continued toward us. Imagine my even bigger astonishment as it seemed to split in half, and **two** foxes ran either side of where we were standing.

*The damn things had been running side by side with only one eye open each.* Bullet went straight through the tiny gap between their two heads.


Image source: lauranvrr, Movieclips

I’m pretty sure i rang up John C. Reilly at my old bookstore job once. this was in illinois and he was buying a few CDs. he was wearing sunglasses the whole time and was definitely being low key. i didn’t wanna just straight up ask him if he was JCR but i wanted to say something cus i really like him! so i was like, “hey, has anyone ever told you you look like someone famous?” and he was quickly like, nope!! and went on his way. i’m POSITIVE it was him but none of my other coworkers even noticed him so no one believed me ?.


Image source: CriticismDue9946, Pixabay

I saw a man in a chicken costume on the London Underground get on the train, do a backflip just to the casually walk out of the train again at the same stop like nothing happened.


Image source: stoobydoo69, ArtHouse Studio

When I was a kid I went outside to call my brother home. He was already running like mad across the road towards home and above him was a circular display of lights. They disappeared quickly.
I don’t believe in Aliens and UFOs and all that s**t but it definitely happened and I can’t explain it.


A ghost. I was in middle school. We were pulling stuff out of an abandoned auditorium the school used as a storage shed. She was standing in front of the stage. She was clearly Native American. Young. Maybe in her twenties. She was clear as day standing 10 feet in front of me and PISSED. She opened her mouth as if to scream but nothing came out. She came walking towards us with this horrible grimace and limp, as if she were dragging her leg. We booked it. There were three of us who saw her, but no one believed us. I got detention for spreading rumors. They’ve torn the building down now.

Image source: Givemeabreak_L_Lou


Image source: Daedricbob, Jeswin Thomas

I grew up in the north of the UK, and there were three big coal fired power stations along the river that flowed through my town. The nearest was probably about 3 miles away and it was visible from most of the town as it’s a very flat area

I was in the local park drinking with my buddy at about 1am as we’d done many times, and suddenly there was a huge bright light from the direction of the power station – it was a bluey artificial light, but literally turning half the sky to day.

We looked over at the source and it was from behind the power station… which was inexplicably WAY WAY closer than it should be – like only a few hundred yards away, towering over the park and backlit with this crazy bright light. It was so close I remember tilting my head back to look up at the main chimneys. Neither myself or my buddy were fazed by it at the time though, it sounds weird but it somehow just seemed normal.

The light faded after about ten seconds and when our eyes adjusted everything was back to how it usually is – the red navigation lights on top of the station towers twinkling in the distance.

We didn’t even chat about it that night other than casually mention the light, drink a bit more and go home – again it seemed perfectly normal – but the next day we were both like DUDE WHAT THE AF HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?!? I’d get weird goosebumps just thinking about it for months afterwards.

I’ve never seen anything like that before or since.


Image source: pgraczer, Pixabay

I saw a rare mongolian wolf while i was on a trek and no one f*****g believed me not even the guides. i was coming over a hill and it was right in front of me then ran off. still pissed that no one believed me :(.


Image source: Unstoffe, Eric Stevens

1981. Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota. (My memory’s foggy – so excuse weirdness in the details.)

I’m walking across the athletic field and Retreat followed by the National Anthem is played (4 or 430, I don’t remember) like it’s done every day. So, like we are ordered, I stop and stand at attention with hand on heart.

North Dakota is swarming with Prairie Dogs and this field was no exception. Anyway, I become aware that a Prairie Dog has emerged from its burrow and is standing next to me, close enough to touch. I have no explanation and no satisfying theories for what happened next: the little guy stands at attention and puts his paw on his chest. We stood there for a minute or so until the music stopped.

When it did, he looked directly at me, gave a cheery chirp, and dived into his burrow.

Thanks for the question, OP! I haven’t thought about this in years. It’s still probably the most adorable weird thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Oh, PS – I checked but never him again.


Image source: Guilty-Scale-1079, speak

I used to work at a haunted house as one of the actors. I actually hate acting and at the time hated haunted houses, but my friend wanted to do it but didn’t have the courage to do the process alone. Being the good friend I am, I signed up too.

One night, I had to work a whole section by myself. I had to sit by myself in dim lighting for hours on end with horror music playing to create ambiance. There were a bunch of mannequins sitting in chairs, and I would sit among them to jump-scare the passers-by.

One night, there was a 30 minute lag where nobody came through. So imagine sitting in pure eerie darkness by yourself for that long. I have absolutely no proof that this happened at all—but as I was sitting among the mannequins, one of them turned their head to look back at me, then turned its head back to the original position. We could fairly argue that I was paranoid and made this up out of such paranoia—but that felt real as all f**k to me. I had to leave the set and go to the break room for a while. I saw something else peculiar in a different room a few days later. I feel like that space had bad energy, and I’m happy to say I won’t be working there ever again.


Image source: PermaBanTogether, William Warby

My brother didn’t “accidentally” turn off the NES when I was about to beat his high score on Tetris.


Image source: Helsafabel, cottonbro studio

I saw a naked dude in the forest while I was in the train with my buddy. He did not believe me but I’m 100% sure.


Image source: zeebious, Pixabay

In the summer sometime around 2005, in a suburb of Washington DC in northern Virginia. A friend and I were driving on a small 2 lane road with trees on either side. We saw a monkey drop from the trees and jump to the other side of the road. It then jumped and grabbed a low hanging branch and swung back into the trees. I couldn’t f*****g believe it and my friend was as equally shocked.


Image source: jbarr107, Stephan Müller

While walking through the parking lot from my office to my car one Summer afternoon, I had this sudden vision that I was looking down from a height of several hundred yards over the parking lot and looking around the area from above. I could see myself walking toward my car, I saw cars driving down the surrounding roads, and I could see people walking through the parking lots of surrounding businesses and stores. Then the vision went away as I continued to walk to my car. It kinda shook me, so I looked around and saw the same people and cars I saw from above (that I could see within my field of view.) This has happened twice in two different locations.

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