8 Home Décor Tips From Interior Design Expert Jeremiah Brent

Published 1 year ago

Jeremiah Brent is an American interior designer, TV personality, TikToker and owner of his own design firm, Atrio, since 2011. His theme has always been centred around mindful design. Brent’s TikTok channel focuses on interior and lifestyle tips and he’s racked up a following of 137K followers. His videos on TikTok sharing creative ideas are currently trending and one in particular, “Things I Would Never Buy As An Interior Designer” shares a few nuggets of simple wisdom for those freshly stepping into exploring the world of home décor.

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Image source: jeremiahbrent, Aedrianz

Fake plants. I like to call them dust collectors, because I’m not really sure what other purpose they serve, you have to clean every leaf individually. And for me, you know, space has to evolve and change along with the seasons. And so bringing in branches and flowers and things around you really helps a home feel alive. And I understand the convenience around fake plants. I know some houses are dark. But still, for me it’s a sacrifice I’m not willing to make.


Image source: jeremiahbrent, eydecals

Written word art. Like “bless you.” “The day is long, but the road is short.” Whatever those things are. It stresses me out. I don’t need to see that on a wall. It just feels super dated. So, bless home, but not on the wall.


Image source: jeremiahbrent, iNoWantNoLogin

One thing I would never buy for myself personally, is acrylic furniture. And I know it’s super controversial, people like that acrylic furniture, but for me, it’s always dirty. It scratches within two seconds. I feel like if I look at it, it scratches, and it’s just like not smudge proof. So the kids and me, no thank you.


Image source: jeremiahbrent, westend61

I would never cover up original flooring, beautiful original floors are impossible to come by. So when you can, you should refinish. You can update the color, but never recover.


Image source: jeremiahbrent, Zain Ali

LED light bulbs. I know, save the comments. I know they last forever, but I am not interested in looking like I’m tanning underneath my bedside table lamp. It stresses me out and I like my house to feel like a vampire lives here. Everything is really soft glow.


Image source: jeremiahbrent, MINDY JACOBS

I would never buy everything completely brand new. Designs change so much and you can go into a store and curate a really beautiful life of vintage pieces, things that you find and force yourself to collect. It changes the way you look at the world and the way you find beauty.


Image source: jeremiahbrent, Lightitup_now

I have a visceral reaction to plastic blinds, it stresses me out. It reminds me of my childhood, they break. We’ve all seen those windows where there’s like a third of it missing, but you’re like, “what am I gonna do? They can’t see in the corner.” For me, it’s always drapes. It’s always soft linens. And the truth is now with design you can buy really affordable window alternatives.


Image source: jeremiahbrent, Anete Lusina

And I would never say “never” because the truth is I don’t believe in rules and design’s supposed to evolve as we evolve. So take some chances and don’t be scared of your mistakes.

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