20 Men Share The Red Flags They See In Other Men

Published 9 months ago

You’ve just met the guys for a night out and there’s a new fella that one of your mates has brought. As you attempt to have a fun time and maybe meet some girls perhaps, the new guy starts going on about how women don’t like “good guys” like him. Do you believe him or take it as a sign of someone who may not be quite self-aware? 

One Reddit discussion aimed to break down the individual scenarios where men can spot the red flags of other men. The responses sparked an intense online discussion about the signs men use to spot toxic masculinity. As usual, the folks of r/AskReddit did not disappoint in their answers, which are quite relevant to today’s society.

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#1 “Women don’t like good guys like me”: Good guys don’t have to self assure themselves that they are good guys.

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Being a modern day Republican in the US. If he votes in favor of diminishing human rights, how do you think your relationship will go? Does he truly respect women if he is Ok with the removal of bodily autonomy? Will he respect your future kids if they are homosexual or transgender? I get that people change, but I would never set a girlfriend of mine up with someone I know to be republican.

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#3 If you hear a little voice inside you that says “I can change this man”, he is not the man for you.

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#4 Believe me, I’m a nice guy.

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#5 Going out with younger women with a large age gap. It suggests to me that they like control and manipulation and compliance.

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#6 Using terms like Alpha, Beta and Sigma unironically.

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#7 I really dislike men who start lusting and talking about a woman’s a*s, breasts, etc. to me, trying to get me to agree. (And they’d assume that I would, since I’m a guy as well.)

Image source: buckyhermit, Helena Lopes

Some people just can’t keep those thoughts to themselves.

Edit: I really appreciate how I am not alone on this. Sometimes it feels like I am, since those perverts are often the loudest.


Men who can joke about others but can’t take it.
(Can be applied to women too)

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#9 Being unable to control their temper.

Image source: tubadude123, Andrea Piacquadio

#10 Random guys I meet through work showing me nudes a girl has sent them. Like seriously, those aren’t meant to be shared.

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I look at how a man treats ‘unattractive’ women and other men, especially in places like restaurants.

It’s all well and good if he’s polite and nice towards a waitress who’s attractive but try pay closer attention to how he treats those he doesn’t see in that same way and see if you can spot a stark difference!

Image source: N1cole_Nurko

#12 Thinking their entitled to a GF just because they’re a male

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#13 Talking about how many women they’ve shagged without being asked.

Image source: themorganator4, Donovan Grabowski

Describing a woman like a piece of meat rather than just saying “she’s nice/hot” i.e “look at the tits on that” or “love to tap that a*s”

Always wanting to get shitfaced when out rather than just have a few drinks.

Getting into fights.


Constantly s**t talking their wife or girlfriend. Always saying how horrible they are and such a b***h. Then I finally meet them at a get together or something and they are always nice. The guy will act completely different around her also, “yes dear” type of s**t. Then back at work the next day s**t talking her. Grow the f**k up

Image source: Viking-16

#15 Bartender here…

Image source: lostigre, Elvis Ray

– They don’t respond well to the word “no”
– They argue for no other reason than to maintain their ego
– They use staring as a flirting technique
– They talk over you in conversation
– They get wildly uncomfortable when their partner is casually talking to somebody else in a public place
– They order Fireball, Hennessy, Patron, or a Long Island
– “What’s the strongest you got bro?”
– Flashing money

#16 Routinely acting like a pouty manbaby.

Image source: drinks2muchcoffee, Usman Yousaf

We all have bad days, but I’d steer clear of the guys who very frequently have sour tempers and are very quick to anger. That’s the type of guy who will hit you, punch holes in the wall, drink and drive after every fight, etc


By remarkable coincidence, all their exes were ‘crazy.’

Image source: changelingcd


Never apologizing

Image source: ZeldaBaahir

#19 Consistent lack of personal hygiene

Image source: ClaymoresRevenge, Michael Kucharski

#20 Suddenly flying off the handle at a minor inconvenience. It’s one thing to stub your toe at the end of a bad day and give the table a whack. It’s another if every moment of stress or misfortune triggers rage.

Image source: Birs1941, Yan Krukau

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