Men Advise Women To Watch Out For These 20 Red Flags When Dating, Here’s What They Got To Say

Published 2 years ago

The relationship life is the assessment part before married life. During this time, you assess whether or not your partner will be suitable for you in the long term. After all, that’s the point of dating, you have to know if your values align with your partner’s, and if his personality and attitude could cause you problems in your married life. You won’t want your married life to turn sour later on!

In an AskReddit thread by the user xDarkPhoenix8161x, men provided advice for women who are or will be in the dating stage. We compiled 20 red flags women should watch out for when dating men, as suggested by men. Once you’re done, you may want to check green flags next.

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If he checks your phone without permission, that to me is a huge red flag.


Emotional manipulation, trying to guilt trap you

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Suddenly flying off the handle at a minor inconvenience. It’s one thing to stub your toe at the end of a bad day and give the table a whack. It’s another if every moment of stress or misfortune triggers rage.


I’ll die on this hill: every man I’ve ever known who was an *outspoken* feminist was horrible to women behind the scenes.

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If he’s cheating on someone else with you, he will absolutely cheat on you with someone else.


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If he talks about his ex too much. As someone who was in love with an ex for way too long, I was not ready for a relationship with anyone else.


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If he claims all his exes were “crazy” or similar. Think for a second about what was the common factor in all those relationships: him.


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If he doesn’t put in an effort to make you happy. It doesn’t have to make you happy whatever he does but the fact he’s putting in the effort means he truly cares about you enough that he cares about your mental health as well. Goes both ways.


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Inability to clean up after themselves or do common household tasks


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Avoid people who are very polite and charming when they *want* something from those ‘above’ them, but are arrogant and demanding when they think they can *take* something from those ‘below’ them.

People who ‘smile up’ and ‘kick down’ are the worst.


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Sexual pressure after you directly reject an advance. Healthy people with your interests in mind only need to hear no one time and are respectful of boundaries if they bring it up again in the future.


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One saying I’ve always lived by is: Pay attention to how they treat waitresses. How they treat waitresses today is how they will treat you in 6 months.


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A man that blames everyone else for his problems, lack of job, lack of friends, money, etc.

Somene that is unwilling to take personal responsibility for improving his situation in life.


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Holes in the drywall.



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Inability to say sorry when they do something wrong.


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Does he talk about always being ready to fight if necessary? Then he’s a lunatic. Well adjusted people in things like MMA don’t want to fight randomly and don’t seek it out outside of the sport of it. Half the point is to have a place for your aggression in a controlled setting.


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If a guy tells you he’s no good, listen.


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Pushing small boundaries that aren’t a “big deal.” Then, once called out on it, backpedaling, apologizing for it and then DOING IT AGAIN.


If he is overtly angry when you talk to other people, (specifically other men) that’s a major red flag and he’s probably gonna start to be possessive over you by not letting you talk to anyone else.

Source: daddytoelicker


His hyper focus on money. While this might be a plus in some women’s opinion, this can also be a HUGE red flag.

I knew some men that was so focused on money they tried to put a price on everything, even a woman, her actions, her respect and what he is allowed to do simply because he pays for it.
This has serious ramifications due to him keeping track of everything he does for a woman and coming up with some weird idea that you owe him when things start to fall apart in the relationship.
Just keep an eye out.???

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