This Artist Reimagined Keanu Reeves As 9 Different Disney Princes

Published 5 years ago

In the past few months, people seem to have rediscovered their love for Keanu Reeves – and it’s not hard to see why. The 54-year-old actor is always doing something wholesome and people just can’t get enough of him. Inspired by the actor, LA-based illustrator Crystal Ro decided to recreate Keanu as nine Disney princes and it’s the Disney reboots we’ve all been secretly wishing for.

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Keanu as Aladdin

Image credits: Crystal Ro

Keanu as the Beast

Image credits: Crystal Ro

In an interview with Bored Panda, Crystal said she works as a Senior Editor at BuzzFeed where she writes and does illustrations. She has been drawing comics for a year.

Keanu as Prince Naveen

Image credits: Crystal Ro

Keanu as Prince Eric

Image credits: Crystal Ro

“Other than the obvious — that Keanu is hot — I’ve been a fan for a long time,” says the artist. “I’m an ’80s kid, so I grew up knowing him best as Ted from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure — and I’ll never NOT hear his voice that way.”

Keanu as the Prince

Image credits: Crystal Ro

Keanu as Prince Charming

Image credits: Crystal Ro

“I like that Keanu has had an interesting career, going from playing kind of ditzy surfer dude types to action heroes, romantic leads, and hitmen more recently,” says Crystal. “The amazing thing is people love him in every one of these roles and that’s a rare thing in Hollywood.”

Keanu as Prince Phillip

Image credits: Crystal Ro

Keanu as Li Shang

Image credits: Crystal Ro

“I think Disney and Keanu blend so well because, currently, he’s having a big “the Internet’s boyfriend” moment. And who else the Internet loves? Disney princes (and princesses),” says the artist.

Keanu as John Smith

Image credits: Crystal Ro

People on the internet had a lot to say about the illustrations

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