20 Times “Choosing Givers” Won Million Hearts On The Internet For Their Kindness

Published 3 years ago

There are many choosing beggars out in the world but very few who consciously choose to give. Kindness has become less common in the modern world, and therefore when someone does something nice, it gives others the hope that there is still a lot left to humanity.

Choosing Givers” is an online community on Reddit that is dedicated to the kind and generous people who inspire others with their selflessness. Check out some of the most heartwarming examples of people being “choosing givers” in the gallery below.

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#1 Buying A Stranger Some Work Boots That He Couldn’t Afford So That He Can Keep His Job

Image source: somethingclevereh

#2 This Guy Selling His Action Figures On Ebay

Image source: dfacobbre

#3 My Best Friend Fully Supporting Me And My Artwork By Commissioning Me And And Refusing To Pay Less Than Full Price

Image source: Maddilyn571

#4 Don’t Think It’s Supposed To Work This Way…not A Choosing Beggar

Image source: Wrenavenger

#5 My Friend Is A Manager At A Popular Fast Food Restaurant And Posted This On Fb Yesterday

Image source: sammysafari2680

#6 An Absolute Win

Image source: DesmonMiles07

#7 My Wife And I Are Bartenders And Our Landlord Pays For A Guy To Come Out Once A Week And Mow The Property. He Left This On Our Doorstep Today. We All Need More People Like Blake

Image source: imgur.com

#8 I Run A Small Roadside Stand In Nj Where Eggs Are Pay What You Can. A Bro Decided To Pay It Forward

Image source: Stephen_foster

#9 My Landlords Response To Me Not Being Able To Pay Rent On Time. We Need More People Like Him In Our Lives. He Is The Definition Of Being A Bro. I’ve Got Tears In My Eyes Rn

Image source: BaLLiSToPHoBiC

#10 Bought A Used Car From An Older Gentleman And Found This After I Got Home

Image source: eligibility

#11 My Mother-In-Law Passed Unexpectedly Yesterday Morning. Her And My Wife Were Supposed To Go Get Haircuts Together Soon So My Wife Went To Get One Just To Get Out Of The House And When She Went To Pay They Told Her Someone Else Had Paid For It And Left This Note On The Back Of The Receipt

Image source: SlippitySlappity92

#12 Paying Stranger’s Parking Meter So They Avoid Getting A Ticket

Image source: BruceInc

#13 A Text From Our Landlords This Morning

Image source: eucalypocalypse

#14 Not Trying To Flex, Simply Hoping It Inspires Some To Give If They Are Able

Image source: hawkdad22

#15 The Opposite Of A Cb!

Image source: Meems138

#16 I’m A Cook In A Restaurant. Someone Came In And Gave These To The Hostess And Told Her To Give Them To Every Employee And Then Immediately Left. I Didn’t Even Get To Thank The Person Because They Were Already Gone. Thank You So Much!

Image source: Fun_Sized_Momo

#17 I Think I’ve Found The Opposite Of A Choosing Beggar…?

Image source: moore663

#18 Mrbeast Being Mrbeast

Image source: MrBeast

#19 Blue Was Selling One Of Her Favourite Watches To Pay For Her License And Red Offered To Pay The $200 So She Could Keep Her Watch And Get The License

Image source: Mvteyv

#20 When You Appreciate Someone’s Work…

Image source: Donnie_Dranko

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