20 Travel Destinations Around The World That Are Worth Visiting Once

Published 4 weeks ago

In an age where travel enthusiasts thrive on uncovering hidden treasures and off-the-beaten-path destinations, a simple question posed by a curious Redditor sparked a wave of suggestions, unveiling a plethora of not-so-popular countries waiting to be explored. “Which not-so-popular country is a must-visit?”

The question resonated with countless travelers, igniting a vibrant conversation across the digital realm. Read some of the most fascinating answers below.

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Image source: iCowboy, Carol Davis/pexels

Uganda is stunningly beautiful – some of the most lush landscapes you will ever see, incredible wildlife and amazing people. Sadly, it has a terrifying government.


Image source: Cyhatcher, Fatih Turan/pexels

I’m in Mauritius right now and not sure if many people know of it (definitely not Americans!). Small island in the Indian Ocean, not far from Madagascar. Super clean and safe, easy to get around in a short amount of time, felt like everyone spoke English or definitely French. Very unique culture blending Indian, African, French and British influence which means amazing food! Seychelles is close too if you want to hit both.


Image source: cantrelaxneverrelax, Rodolfo Clix/pexels

Bolivia. Amazing landscape, spotlessly clean, friendly people, and lots of fun if you want to “party”. That was 10 years ago, I hope it’s still as lovely because it holds a special place in my heart.


Image source: Wakan_Tanka, Enrique Hoyos/pexels

My wife and I went to Cartegena, Colombia last year and we have another visit planned for this year. Pretty easy and fast to get to from the US, cheap and delicious street food, friendly people, nice weather year round. Colombia in general is not the same as it was in the 90s.


Image source: AdmitThatYouPrune, Jérémy Glineur/pexels

Slovenia is absolutely gorgeous — at least in parts. It gets some tourists but far fewer than similiarly beautiful destinations.


Image source: Legal_Climate4961, Sonia Ghidiceanu/pexels

Romania – great architecture.


Image source: TheKnightsTippler, Polina Kovaleva/pexels


Delicious food, it’s a sort of mix of Arabic and Italian influences.

Lots of historical places like ancient ruins. The capital Valletta is beautiful, there’s also two smaller islands Gozo and Comino, that you can visit.

Theres also extensive public transport, so it’s easy to get around if you don’t drive.

I can’t recommend it enough if you’re the sort of person that’s into exploring history, food and culture.


Image source: NArcadia11, Emilia/pexels

It’s not “not popular,” but Austria definitely isn’t a country that is on Americans’ minds when they travel. We usually hear about and visit Switzerland when we want that mountainous scenery, but Austria has very similar natural beauty with better cities, better history, better culture, and better architecture, all for half the cost.


Image source: hasbuji

Montenegro. Most people go to Croatia. But Montenegro is cheaper and has very similar scenery.


Image source: TriscuitCracker, Rachel Claire /pexels

Czech Republic. It’s gorgeous nature-wise and Prague is quite the party city.


Image source: humancanvas79, RITRATTO VISUAL/pexels

Curacao. I had an amazing vacation there in 2019 and it was much cheaper than the more well known and visited Caribbean islands.


Image source: blahblahrasputan, Chathura Anuradha Subasinghe/pexels

I don’t hear much about Sri Lanka tourism but damn is it beautiful and has it all! Beaches, forests, mountains, ancient temples, wildlife safaris, elephants and leopards and monkeys oh my. It is very safe despite the unrest in Colombo and Negombo, but we didn’t go there to see the city. They also really need the tourism $$ because their economy is tanked.

Another cool thing I liked is you can pretty much see everything in a near perfect loop of the country via private driver and train.

I’ve heard some tourists don’t like the food but I love eating curry. The beach areas offer a lot more in that respect with loads of fresh seafood (the boats of seafood in Mirissa!). But I dunno, though I consider myself a foodie I travel to see and do stuff, food is usually just a bonus. I do wish we could have stayed in someone’s home with some homemade curry, though we did stay in a hotel that was family run and it tasted good.

We had a blast!


Image source: anon, Diego Girón/pexels

I absolutely love Guatemala. If you can speak even a little bit of Spanish, I would 100% recommend it. Fly in, immediately leave Guatemala City, and set up your base in Antigua. Antigua and the surrounding areas can be a whole vacation alone, but there are also a bunch of cool places that you could do with an overnight trip from Antigua.


Image source: 544075701, Tom D’Arby/pexels

Paraguay is really cool. The history and culture of the capital city Asunción is really cool. Lots of wars with their neighboring countries over the years – at one point in their history like 90% of Paraguayan men were killed in wars.

The social scene and food are also ridiculous! Freshly grilled meats right from the asado with friends is the stuff of legends. One of my favorite parts of Paraguay was staying put obscenely late at a club with friends and then eating lomitos, this amazing sandwich in a bag you buy in a parking lot at 4 in the morning with about 50 other hungry drunk people.

Plus it is CHEAP there. An Uber across town costs literally like 2 dollars. A nice lunch for 2 will cost maybe 15 bucks. I got an hour long massage at a nice spa for 25 bucks. If you’re on a budget, Paraguay is the place to go. .


Image source: da_choppa, sungmu heo/pexels

I’ve been to Mongolia. There’s really only one big city, Ulan Bator. The city isn’t really much to look at, there are some good temples to see, as well as some good restaurants, but one or two days there is enough. But that countryside! It’s so beautiful. My dad and I went out to a camp where they set you up with a ger (a Mongolian yurt), and you just hang out in the beauty of nature. We went rock climbing and horseback riding. It gets really cold at night in the spring, but there’s a wood stove in the middle of the ger, and it stays very warm inside.


Image source: Meorazhar, Malik Cil/pexels

Kazakhstan. Stunning nature and landscapes, a unique cuisine (although not that rich in variety as in south-eastern Asia), friendly people who are really generous to guests. Also, fascinating archaeological sites.


Image source: Sharp_Writing_4740, Sabina Kallari /pexels

Albania. Try it before the massive exodus due to instagram influencers.


Image source: canadian_maplesyrup, Antonio Tose /pexels

Bosnia! It’s absolutely beautiful and such and interesting place history wise.

I’ll also say Tanzania. Absolutely beautiful. Zanzibar has some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.


Image source: Westonworld, Jérémi Joslin/flickr

Laos. I totally fell in love with every last thing about this country. The people are fantastic, the food is killer, and the landscape is just gorgeous. It was really eye-opening learning how badly the US f**ked them during the Vietnam War, and how they still deal with unexploded ordinance on a daily basis. I was born at the end of the Vietnam War so had nothing to do with it, but man, I feel a collective guilt for what was done.


Image source: Ok_Calligrapher5776, Kelly/pexels

I haven’t been but I feel like the Caucasus countries must be pretty underrated: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

From pictures they look stunning and I hear that Georgia has good food as well.

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