20 People Share Where Their High School ‘Lonely Guy’ Ended Up

Published 8 months ago

During our high school years, we met many different kinds of kids. Jocks, whiz kids, popular kids and not forgetting the loners. Each of us starts our journey entering a society of our peers and dealing with that reality as best we know how under the circumstances until we eventually get into the real world.

One Redditor got curious about where the lonely guy from our high school class ended up when they finally got out of school. Did they reinvent themselves to break out of their quiet ways or did they remain a step removed from society as they did in school? Many netizens recalled what they’d heard or quickly googled their ‘resident HS lonely boy’ to find out and shared some rather insightful updates, as you can see below. 

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#1 I became a girl! I’m much less angry and sad nowadays.

Image source: my_son_is_a_box, Alexander Grey

#2 Just Googled him. Apparently he finally got a girlfriend in college, got her pregnant, then [took theirs and his own life]. Jesus. I wish I hadn’t checked.

Image source: HakunaYouTaTas, Scott Rodgerson

Sebastian J.: Absolutely tragic. The poor woman.

#3 He married a pretty artist from Syracuse and also typed this sentence

Image source: TwiceSpringy, Josh Willink

#4 He is sitting in a data science conference reading Reddit. I am sitting in a data science conference reading Reddit.

Image source: zykezero, Luis Quintero

LizzieBoredom: You should introduce yourselves.

#5 That was me. I always sat at my own table with the occasional foreign exchange student. I got out of school and worked really hard. I just turned 48 and I still haven’t peaked. I have a large portfolio of real estate and do a lot of traveling. I wanted something more for myself but I didn’t really have that confidence until after school. I now live an incredible life. There is hope for us losers who aren’t afraid of a little work.

Image source: kjschaben, Joshua Earle

#6 Still lonely. However, he worked his way up within a KFC franchise through high school and bought his first house early on even though he didn’t do well at school. Then worked in the army for 10 years and bought property 2 and 3. Now works as a director on a cruise liner and goes country to country by himself. No partners or girlfriends ever but financially well off

Image source: ethereumminor, Robert Linder

#7 Well, I just googled him and he’s a Georgetown law professor.

Image source: BulletDodger, RDNE Stock project

I’m done: Oh wow! (Georgetown is a VERY good school)

#8 I joined the navy at seventeen. Married at thirty.retired at fifty five. In high school I could go weeks without a word spoken to me. F**k my early life all to hell.

Image source: Important-Specific96, Pixabay

Joshua David: I wish I had your sense of self. I sit and wallow, like a lot of others do too, in my early life. I wallow in the missed opportunities I thought I made peace with, but find in hindsight it’s not really the case. I wallow in the negative but not before rubbing honey all over myself before nuzzling and commiserating with. Be amazing to f my early life.

#9 He joined a cult and completely cut ties with his family. There was an article written about said cult recently and his name pops up quite a bit, so he must have some kind of position of authority in it.

Image source: Old_Army90, Daniel Monteiro

LizzieBoredom: He is also a famous actor once married to Nichole Kidman.

#10 he ended up graduating top of the class, got a full ride scholarship to cornel got his masters makes 7 figures a year and is happily married with two kids. i was one of his few friends in highschool and dude is doing amazing in all aspect of his life

Image source: Superb-Pattern-1253, Josh Willink

Ima Manimal: Those who peak later peak higher. 😀

#11 He became an actually model for high class perfumes and brands and not one those instagram / tik tok ” models “

Image source: dkguy90, Mubariz Mehdizadeh

#12 Got cancer very suddenly and died,went to his funeral he was just 16 the youngest in our class,truly a tragedy.

Image source: Werkyreads123, RDNE Stock project

#13 Hard to really say who was really lonely or not. Plenty of lonely people that forced themselves in the crowd.

Image source: GentleOmnicide, bobby hendry

Anyways there was a kid his sister was one of the prettiest most popular at school. She was a senior and he was a freshman. He got the principal to let him put on a concert for lunch period for his band. One of the teachers watching lunch shut him down because he was doing “screamo music” about pop tarts. A month later he shot himself in the head.

Everyone plays it off that he was lonely etc. I never believed that and I thought his concert took a lot of self courage. He was hanging out with his friends. It was the bullying because he wanted to be himself and not fit in the norm. His sister stopped going to school and idk what happened to her. It’s sad how cruel we as kids are.

#14 That was me! Got my master’s and work for a large bank as an analyst. Still single though.

Image source: username_fantasies, LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR

#15 He’s me :3 I’m doing my best to make friends and be social and approaching girls, but literally nothing is working and I have pretty much lost all hope. People objectively worse than me seem to be winning, douche bags, abusers, etc. They all have friends, girlfriends, social circle, and I’m a decent human being with hobbies that exist outside and off the internet, I’m well read, and I like latin dancing. I can’t make it work. I give up.

Image source: Useful_Pick3661, Keegan Houser

#16 He grew several inches after high school.. went into tech. Was very successful and now has a supermodel wife and a beautiful family.. Another guy became a pediatric surgeon. Was married and had a daughter.. over the years his wife disappeared from his Facebook post and it was just him and his daughter.. in a few years ago he married a super model Eastern European nurse. And the third guy climbed into a bottle and never got out…

Image source: wastingtoomuchthyme, Taylor Grote

#17 He became an entrepreneur of a really successful company. Employed the 3 jokers who used to bully the heck out of him. They still don’t know who he is.

Image source: AbsurdFormula0, Cut in A Moment

Sonja: Yeah, bullies tend to foreget. The axe may forget, but the tree remembers.

#18 The person I always thought of as possibly lonely retained the same couple of friends for the past 13 years and they still seem to enjoy getting together and doing the things they did back then. Video games, anime, etc. One of the most happy-go-lucky, friendly, and popular guys I knew took his own life a couple of years back.

Image source: ptbus0, cottonbro studio

Katie Lutesinger: It always seems to be the one who look the happiest. A local guy who everyone knew and loved because of his happy smile and big-hearted, friendly ways took his own life about a year ago and everyone bar one or two close confidants was completely shocked.

#19 He was my friend, He didn’t make it.

Image source: Umbr33on, Dhivakaran S

#20 Married with four kids, good career. Just took him a little longer than some to come out of his shell. (It was me)

Image source: Strofari, Kevin Delvecchio

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