Photographer Visits 13 ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Filming Locations And Recreates Scenes

Published 5 months ago

Bry Voydatch recently shared photos of an experience that most of us imagined during our childhood. She explained how, during her two trips to New Zealand, she made it a mission to explore nearly every filming location featured in the Lord of the Rings movies on both the North and South islands. 

She has taken classic moments from the movie and successfully recreated scenes in a most satisfying manner that any fans of the films will appreciate. Capturing the magic of Middle-earth in the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, these shots are a thrilling experience which you can check out in the gallery below. 

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Rocket Surgeon: So they totally just added a tree to hide under.



Norma: Love that she did both characters!



Stephen Lyford: That’s cool that she could lay back in the exact same spot.


TheGoodBoi: I want a hobbit hole






Comfortably Numb: Wait, they tore the tower down?! 🫢😏


Rocket Surgeon: Did they dam the river so it’d be a better pool?


Ethereal Canvas: They really had some awesome nature to work with… & some people with a ton of imagination to see what could be… Don’t know what I’m more in awe of, lol

Shanilou Perera

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