35 Incredible Snaps Of People Experiencing Outrageous Good Fortune

Published 2 weeks ago

Luck is a fascinating phenomenon. Sometimes, it feels like the universe aligns perfectly, leading to moments that defy explanation. These 50 remarkable photos capture people experiencing unbelievable luck, offering a glimpse into those rare instances when fortune smiles brightly.

Whether it’s a close call with disaster or an unexpected stroke of good fortune, these snapshots reveal the incredible ways in which luck can manifest in our everyday lives. From breathtaking near-misses to serendipitous encounters, these images remind us that sometimes, the extraordinary can happen when we least expect it.

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#1 Reminder To Always Wear A Helmet If You Want To Be Lucky Like Me

Image source: sorot92

#2 What Were The Odds??

Image source: zugenia

#3 I’ve Peaked. I Found These Lalique French Crystal Cats

Image source: fustercluck45

I found these guys at an antique store for $19 each. I know they were high-quality crystals and were heavy (9 lb each), so I bought them on a whim without knowing what they were. I got home and looked up the signature on the bottom, which ended up being “Lalique France.” The retail value of them, from what I found, is around $3000 for the pair. Pretty happy for $40.

#4 We Were Seconds Away From Losing Our Home To The California Fire. Thank You To All The Firefighters Who Saved Our Community

Image source: BBQBUDDAH22

#5 A Nice Person Found My Phone After I Left It In The Metro Train And Took Pictures Before Giving It To The Train Staff

Image source: Ajlynnart

Whoever you are, thank you, kind stranger, for picking up my phone and giving it to the train staff after I lost it in the Melbourne metro train. I’m glad you took pictures on my phone, so at least everyone will know what a great person you are.

#6 I Flipped A Kayak In Sea Cave And Lost A Go-Pro Style Camera. 2.5 Years Later, I Got An Email Saying That It Had Been Found And The Footage Was Intact

Image source: rallymachine

#7 Dropping A Plate While Doing The Dishes

Image source: AdamE89

#8 The Bible That Saved My Great-Great-Grandfather In World War 1

Image source: Moerder_Gesicht

#9 My Friend Just Got This Once-In-A-Lifetime Picture

Image source: nimo4749

#10 I Pointed My Telescope At The Phoenix Nebula For Almost 12 Hours To Capture This. I Really Got Lucky

Image source: chucksastro

#11 My Mother Found My Cat Online After A Whole Year Of Being Lost

Image source: NexuzRequiem

#12 I Saw This Extremely Rare Rainbow Cloud

Image source: rozdolla

#13 The Daughter Of My Nephew Last Night Was In The Right Place At The Right Time. It Was An Amazing Concert

Image source: Fiona_Clarke_

#14 I Happened To Be At A Garden When The Botanical Gardens Of St. Louis Corpse Flower Bloomed

Image source: kweenie26

#15 Yesterday, On Our 4th Grade Field Trip To A Local State Park, My Students Found Actual Hidden Treasure

Image source: A1APaul

#16 That’s The Strangest Flower I Have Seen

Image source: thorogoodchris1

#17 Close Call

Image source: mitchellhendrik

#18 Found A Sword Hiking Near An Old Clearcut. British Columbia, South Coast

Image source: Monorail_Song

#19 Crazy Luck

Image source: TheMossadIL

#20 I’m A Woodturner And Found A Lovely Bowl In A Vintage Store Made By The Guy Who Inspired Me As A Kid. I Felt The Bowl Was Very Familiar, So I Flipped Through The Book And Found This

Image source: DalbergTheKing

#21 What A Precious Memory

Image source: swiftcoffeegirl

#22 Insanely Well-Timed Picture

Image source: Stidgen

#23 I Found The Ultra Rare Physoplexis Comosa

Image source: landylindo

#24 A Reciprocating Saw Fell Off A Tool Bag And Landed On My Neck. Literally Less Than 1 Mm From Being A Quadriplegic Or Dead

Image source: staycoolstewy

#25 The Soldier Received His Mounted Helmet, Which Took A 7.62 Round At 20 Feet While Wearing It. He Wouldn’t Have Survived That Impact Had He Not Been Wearing That Helmet

Image source: Miguenzo

#26 My Partner And I Survived This Car Crash 2 Days Ago. We’re Very Lucky

Image source: VAttitudeProblem

#27 I Was Lucky Enough To Have The Aurora Borealis Visible In South England On My Wedding Night

Image source: scarronline

#28 My Mom Lost A Very Special Earring Overseas While Visiting Relatives Two Months Ago. We Searched For Days When It Went Missing. Today We Found It

Image source: SA_Dude

#29 I Poured This Glass Of Wine Before Noticing A Chunk Of The Stem Was Missing. Not Sure How It’s Still Standing, But Thankfully It Didn’t Spill

Image source: -jsm-

#30 During A Storm, A Split Tree Fell On Either Side Of A Car. Both Trunks Reached Across The Street But Didn’t Damage A Car

Image source: justberks101

#31 After I Posted My Painting Of Bad Luck Brian, Mr. Bad Luck Himself Contacted Me To Purchase It. I’m Feeling Blessed

Image source: mnhaverland

#32 Reminder To Always Be Alert To Your Surroundings. Solo Driver SB280 Was Lucky Enough To Escape With Only A Scratch

Image source: SJFirefighters

#33 Nearly Lost My Toes On An Escalator. Thank God I’m Okay

Image source: Dashigos

#34 Somebody Mailed My Lost Wallet Back, And They Even Left The Cash Inside. I Left 70$ Cash In Here, They Didn’t Take Any Cards Out. I’m Just Speechless. No Note, Just Some Basic Packaging

Image source: RingerCheckmate

#35 This 10 Kg (22 Lbs) Chocolate Bar I Won From A Competition Is An Absolute Unit

Image source: Aimless_Devastator

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