25 Creative Ways Lottery Winners Would Share Their Victory

Published 3 weeks ago

Imagine waking up one morning to discover you’ve struck gold – or rather, won the lottery. The sheer exhilaration of such a windfall is often accompanied by a whirlwind of thoughts, including how to navigate the newfound wealth without attracting undue attention.

A Reddit user recently sparked a fascinating discussion by posing the question, “If you won the lottery and didn’t tell anyone, what subtle signs/changes would people start noticing in your life?” The responses poured in, offering a glimpse into the subtle shifts that might betray a lottery winner’s newfound fortune.

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Image source: qster123, Palu Malerba

Probably wondering where the hell I’ve disappeared too.


Image source: Turbulent-Cry-9028, Sora Shimazaki

Supervisor: Why are you 2 hours late

Me: Watch your mouth.


Image source: Zabkian, Expect Best

I know someone who won a comfortable amount, but not sure.it was euromillons jackpot big. Big family and a few who would have been grabby if they knew the amount and they were mature enough to realise money could upset their relationships.

They traded up house, still worked but part time (don’t think many people were aware). Used the reason for move that they have been saving for years to upgrade, hence always being skint. I was one of those who knew, they had won something but didn’t really pry onto amount, probably why they shared it with me.

I like that when they went on holiday they let family know they were going to Spain, but kept quiet about travelling first class and class of hotel. Still really happy and seem to have kept family from finding out and creating grief. .


Image source: Red_Marvel, Kampus Production

I would travel more often.


Image source: CauliflowerBoomerang, Karolina Grabowska

A full set of teeth.


Image source: CheapLifeWandering, Peng Louis

I would look even poorer, because I would be covered in cat hair from the 10+ kittens I would adopt.


Image source: honkifyouresimpy, Vecislavas Popa

My house would be clean.


Image source: Reverse_Psycho_1509, IT services EU

I’ll buy printer ink.


Image source: KeeperTGA, iam hogir

My reservation on money. Normally, I’m not the one that care much about earning money and buying stuff, but if I were to suddenly won the lottery and gain millions? You bet your a*s that imma invest that s**t.


Image source: PeterDuttonsButtWipe, Pixabay

Slight improvement in address, like the better end of the next suburb. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do anything else to show a win.


Image source: Irenemiku, Lisa Fotios

Probably the reflected light on their face from my rings.


Image source: KW_ExpatEgg, Ayaneshu Bhardwaj

**My family and friends would suddenly have fantastic luck.***

My sister would win 1 of 2 *Build Your Dream House* lotteries (I’d pay the co to do 2 and have her win one).

My parents would be notified that my grandfather’s estate had $50K set aside for all his great grandchildren which was only just found and, 20y later, each is now worth about $100K.

A recall would be issued for a part on my best friend’s car, and insurance would decide a new car would be better/ cheaper. They’d give her a lump sum check.

My other friend would win a trip to see her favorite band, all expenses paid, in 3 different venues.

A few organizations I know would stop having electrical and property tax bills.

I’d have a shell company buy a specific property to prevent development happening to a 500 acre woodland.


I would go to more away games, not mentioning how I got there (via NetJets, probably), claiming a YOLO philosophy and CC travel points.

My wardrobe quality would go up, and ‘though the style wouldn’t change much, the fit would be vastly improved.

That pilates instructor whom I can never meet with would start doing house calls and decide to leave equipment in my spare room for convenience’s sake.

* I have had this “lottery list” since I was in HS. Some of the details have changed, but not too many.


Image source: Miserable-Tadpole-90, Jopwell

I think they’ll notice when I stop complaining about work…


Image source: thepreciousmadame, Michael Bourgault

Owning a farm, less exposure to humans, baking my heart out for the people I love. Just the hobbies I’d like to pick up again after being stuck to surviving today’s standards.


Image source: gamerbrian2023, Online Marketing

I would have access to health care and a dentist.


Image source: BlagojevBlagoje, Daniel Xavier

Smiling, I would start smiling.


Image source: confusednhopeless1, Trace Constant

My car wouldn’t be pulling dangerously to the right anymore.


Image source: Firewhiskey55, Edge Training

I’d reduce my hours in my job to part time, I’m one of the lucky ones that love my job.


Image source: FatherFrost342, Oleksandr P

Is migrating to a foreign country without any forewarning subtle enough?


Image source: Sunflower-and-Dream, cottonbro studio

Getting a house with a cat or two.


Image source: yParticle, Dominika Roseclay

“Finally got new glasses, I see.”.


Image source: MickeyMatters81, Darina Belonogova

Retiring at 42 after a medoicre career would be a bit of a giveaway.


Image source: hillsfar, RDNE Stock project

I know a couple who are multi-millionaires. We’re talking full time family office staff that invests their portfolio. Their kids are out of college now.

They fly first class to Europe or Bali or Japan or South Korea or Dubai or Tahiti, spend a month there, living out of top suites in luxury hotels from one city to another, dining at Michelin starred restaurants, getting private tours to museums, exhibits, etc.

They’re just a couple who mostly grew up middle class, so they dress casually and look like a retired couple.


Image source: TheBlueSully, Christopher Luther

Lifestyle: Really the big clue would be putting a ton more time into parenting. I’d pretty much immediately flip from the weekend dad to full time SAHD(but with a maid who leaves just enough undone so I have the kids build better habits of cleaning up after themselves).

Health: Dental implants, therapy

Consumerist/luxury: Smartwool/darn tough for every pair of socks &underwear; dental implants.

Fountain pens and commissioned art(including some instruments).

I’d do nothing but art, cook, work out, and game during the day.

Probably volunteer at the boys and girls club pretty much every day-the teen room has a decent kitchen, and lots of food insecure kids. Ramen + a piece of fruit does not make for good nutrition, or good eaters. Let’s f*****g explore. And not be hungry.


Image source: engineer-cabbage, Dawn McDonald

My fuel tank is full.

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