20 People Who Felt Like Lady Luck Was Smiling On Them

Published 10 months ago

If you’re a glass-half-full kind of person you likely look at life in a positive manner. Always appreciating the positive may even make you feel kind of lucky as a result. 

The feel-good collection of images below depicts people who consider themselves to be lucky and documented their good fortune to spread the joy of positivity. From someone who won the lottery to another who ran into 90s icon Eminem, these photos remind us that with a little luck, just about anything is possible. 

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#1 For A Month, I Thought I Lost My Wedding Ring On A Cross Country Road Trip. I Gave Up Ever Seeing It Again When We Realized It Was Under My Husband’s Deodorant

Image source: roseazom

#2 As A Tall Man, This Was Like Winning The Lottery

Image source: mrblahblahblah

#3 My Wife Went To The Gasparilla Bowl And Jokingly Said “Look For Me On TV!” Guess Who I Saw On TV?

Image source: snow1868

#4 Meeting Keanu Reeves At A Traffic Light

Image source: unknown_human

#5 My Dad Is The Macy’s Santa In Seattle. Today He Got To Meet A Legend

Image source: FlyingCrunkman

#6 Met The Michael G Scott Today. Steve Carell Is Incredibly Kind And Just As Hilarious In Person

Image source: English_Muffin1

#7 My Son Neo Met His Namesake Today. As A Bonus, My Name Is Konstantin

Image source: DerDieDas

#8 I Got Her Back After Five Years

I fostered her for 6 months five years ago and cried like a baby when I had to give her back to her people. I remembered her so fondly and talked always missed her. She would sleep with me every night. She was always there.

A few days ago the same person texted me asking if there was any way I could take her again, but permanently. How could I not say yes?

She remembered me and everything is already back to how it used to be. Five years difference, she’s 16 now and in perfect health. I really hope that she loves the rest of her life with me. I feel so lucky to have her again.

Image source: ilovemycatsfurrytoes

#9 Finally Found My First Megalodon Tooth After Years Of Hunting Shark Teeth

Image source: Elthimon

#10 I Decided To Do A Little Exploring After Hurricane Dorian. This Is What I Found

Image source: Elthimon

#11 Snow Fell In Rostov Today. Indescribably Lucky Two Car Owners On Mechnikov Street

Image source: Proper-Sock4721

#12 Nailed It

Image source: blackbanhmi

#13 I Was Finally Comfortable Enough With Myself And Lucky Enough To Finally Go On My First-Ever Date At 31 Years Old And Was Even Luckier To Get Asked On A Second

Image source: cyguyr

#14 About 15 Seconds After Getting Out Of The Car

Image source: ThirstGoblin

#15 My Cousin Hit The Jackpot At The Arcade Last Week

Image source: Ballparkfrank21

#16 I Drove Over 100 Miles With All Of My Keys Sitting Right Here. Karma Was Definitely On My Side

Image source: tinytrailerbigadventure

#17 I Had To Come In To Work On Christmas Eve. My Boss Got Everyone A Christmas Card With A Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket. I Still Can’t Believe My Eyes. I’m literally shaking. This literally saved Christmas at the last minute.

Image source: fleshflavoredgum

#18 This Woman Adopted An Elderly Dog That Turned Out To Be The Very Same Dog She Had As A Child. A Microchip Scan Confirmed The Dog’s Identity

Image source: Nicole Grimes

#19 My Friend And I Replaced Christmas With Brucemas, Where We Exchange Bruce Willis Themed Gifts Each Year. I Win Forever. And Yes, It’s Real

Image source: TylentGreen

#20 Taking A Picture Like This

Image source: pythagoreal

#21 I Hit The Watermelon Jackpot Today

Image source: Odin343

#22 Went To Take A Picture Of The Rainbow And Lightning Struck At The Same Time

Image source: jerm1323

#23 I’m About To Collapse

Image source: Brendan_linden

#24 In 2017, A Reindeer Hunter Found A Perfectly-Preserved Viking Sword In The Mountains Of Norway, Which Was Just Sticking Out Among The Stones

Image source: amonaloli12

#25 I Run Down An Old Dirt Road. Trash Is Dumped There. One Day I Stopped And Found A Box Of Money. All the envelopes are from different countries all over the world. Mostly dates from the 1700s-1900s. The oldest is a coin from 1621. I’ve got some from countries that no longer exist. I’m still researching.

Image source: follysurfer

#26 If I Were To Ever Go Back To Work, I’m Putting This On My Resume As Perhaps My Greatest Accomplishment

Image source: jennygogliotti

#27 Found This In The Crawl Space Above My Bedroom

Image source: Whiskey___Neat

#28 Roman Coin I Found In France While Metal Detecting. Emperor Constantine I. Minted In Trier (Treveri) Germany. Bronze, A.D. 306-337

Image source: bitcoinsucksass

#29 This Is A 1969 Dollar Bill We Found In My Dad’s Small Money Collection With A 00000001 Serial Number

Image source: Miss_Behaves

#30 Got Home From Work And All Of This Was On My Porch. I Called The Pizza Place To Notify Them, No Answer. I Called The Customer – Turns Out They Used To Live In This House. We had a nice convo as strangers, I was assured the pizza is okay to keep and eat!

Image source: CandidEstablishment0

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