30 Times Nature Was Captured In Its Full Glory And Magnificence

Published 3 years ago

Mother Nature never ceases to surprise us– it seems like every time we step outside our homes, we’re greeted with something new and interesting. And some keen-eyed people who were fortunate enough to capture these things are sharing them with the whole world.

This subreddit is a place where magical photos of nature are shared by people all across the world. From wild reindeer running under the northern lights to a mesmerizing blue snake, nature’s beauty is never-ending. Scroll below and enjoy some breathtaking pics that might remind you how wonderful nature is!

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#1 Wild Reindeer Under The Northern Lights

Image source: Evaleenora

#2 Shizuoka, Japan

Image source: Kris19275

#3 A Tree With Some Serious Will To Live

Image source: unnaturalorder

#4 The Moon Looks Like Saturn

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Majestic Cross Fox

Image source: keenfeed

#6 Owl Raised Duckling When It Mistook Egg For Its Own

Image source: d3333p7

#7 Endangered Andean Cat

Image source: MistWeaver80

#8 Squirrel Nest

Image source: Master1718

#9 Gorgeous Arctic Hares

Image source: unnaturalorder

#10 Mushrooms Growing On Dead Leaf On Almost Perfect Alignment

Image source: Kr0pr0X

#11 Capybara With Friends

Image source: goldbutthole

#12 Fish Eating Berries

Image source: traditionaldrummer

#13 Kodiak Bear

Image source: Nic0487

#14 A Little Lion Snarling At My Remote Camera

Image source: willbl

#15 Big Bison Meets Little Magpie

Image source: wetscoastwanderer

#16 The Harpy Eagle

Image source: crg339

#17 Hummingbird Nest

Image source: jonjones

#18 The Cosmic Sensation

Image source: PerspectiveFriendly

#19 Beautiful Blue Mycean Mushroom

Image source: IRiseUpLikeAPhoenix

#20 Exotic, Beautiful, And Rare Patagonian Crater Agate Only Found In Argentina!

Image source: leakytoquito

#21 A Rare Desert Bloom In The Atacama Desert In Chile

Image source: unnaturalorder

#22 A Snowflake On A Crow’s Wing

Image source: koreanadian

#23 Raw Velvety Malachite

Image source: rocksforthespirit

#24 Wild Horses Enjoy The Ocean

Image source: Dlatrex

#25 Same Whale Found After 35 Years In The West Coast Of Mexico

Image source: the-furry

#26 The Edge Of A Rainstorm

The Edge Of A Rainstorm

Image source: mtlgrems

#27 A Stork Couple Celebrating Their First Egg

Image source: hoopderscotch

#28 These Male & Female Cardinals

Image source: mtlgrems

#29 A Very Colorful Mandarin Duck

Image source: ADarkcid

#30 This Is A Blue Pit Viper

Image source: Thryloz

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