30 Hilariously Accurate Memes Other Generations Probably Won’t Understand, As Shared By This Online Page

Published 1 year ago

Every generation has its own unique distinctions that they cling to in a bid to find relatability. This is no less true for millennials, marked by their birthday falling between the years, 1981 and 1996. 

This group of thirty/forty-year-olds have lived through the pre-internet age of cassettes to the introduction of  CDs with their favourite songs. The ‘Millennials’ subreddit has grown in popularity because they share the most relatable memes and posts on the internet or the ‘world wide web’ as it was once popularly known. Scroll below to find the content that millennials resonate with best for a little feel-good trip down memory lane. 

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#1 The Last One Sealed It For Me

Image source: MeanCow6

#2 Funny How That Works

Image source: JoHeller

#3 Busytown, USA

Image source: crispins_crispian

#4 This Is Grade A-Level Trolling

Image source: methodwriter85

#5 I Know. I Just Need To Work Harder!

Image source: ForRedditFun

#6 …

Image source: nicholashoneywell

#7 Personally Attacked

Image source: WarmCanadiehn

#8 Darn Millennials Wanting To Be Able To Have A Living Wage

Image source: MeanCow6

#9 Offline Childhood

Image source: iota1atg

#10 10 Cents Per Text Msg. Lotr

Image source: iota1atg

#11 Saw This And Had To Pass It Along

Image source: JmnyCrckt87

#12 Can Confirm. I Try To Get What’s Best But Also Affordable For My Kitty

Image source: DoomyEyes

#13 Texting Is Polite. U Call Or Text ?

Image source: iota1atg

#14 Scrolling To Birth Year

Image source: iota1atg

#15 I *think* Mine Was Called “Color Jams” Where All The Song Titles Had A Color In Them

Image source: InspiraSean86

#16 Real Talk Lol

Image source: ashlyrind7

#17 Meirl

Image source: Sairacaz20

#18 The Neverending Chore Liiiiist

Image source: InspiraSean86

#19 The “Copy But Not Recognise” Generation

Image source: iota1atg

#20 Millennial Gravestones

Image source: ForRedditFun

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