22 Hilarious Reactions To A Model Wearing A Ridiculously Tight Shirt In A Clothing Ad

Published 5 years ago

Even though more and more companies are ditching the unrealistic body standards in favor of more natural body types in their advertisements, many still advertise everyday clothing on models with chiseled bodies. And some even like to go a little over the top.

Recently, one clothing company posted a series of clothing ads showing “beefy” models in ridiculously tight shirts and it quickly went viral – but probably not for the reasons the company expected. People began pointing out how ridiculous the models look and their reactions were absolutely hilarious!


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The clothing company in question is called Father & Sons and they seem to specialize in little shirts for burly men. It seems that every model they hired is a buff guy with a beard that dresses in clothes borrowed from their little brothers. One of the models the company hired is Shaun Rezaei, a bodybuilder set to achieving the lowest body fat level possible.

After the company posted the pictures on their Facebook page, people instantly began cracking jokes that will make you laugh out loud.

Of course, it did not end with just the shirts – all of the clothes the models are wearing look like they’ve been painted on their bodies. How did they even get into them? Maybe the clothes have zippers on the back for easier access?

Bodybuilder Rezaei, or ‘Mr. Fiveo’ as he likes to call himself, has his own company (surprisingly, also called Fiveo), where he encourages people to “live a healthier, happier, more energized life by minimizing unnecessary body fat and building solid muscle mass.”

“A healthier body and mind lead to a more productive life experience and success at many levels,” writes Mr. Fiveo. “FIVEO means striving to achieve below 5% body fat. It is not a short term diet. It is a long term lifestyle change.”

Image credits: shaun_rez

Image credits: shaun_rez

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