25 Honest Reactions To Ridiculous ‘Modern Farmhouse’ Home Design Elements

Published 1 year ago

When you visit someone’s home, you may notice a rustic rope-wrapped lamp shade or a table crafted from reclaimed wood, and you may be taken up by its charming appearance. Any ode to ‘Modern Farmhouse interiors should ideally embrace salvageable materials, neutral colors and embody coziness without resorting to clutter.

When done right, MFH (Modern Farmhouse) has a ye olde homey appeal interspersed with a modern day clean and cut vibe. One can appreciate the styles ability to give a modern twist to traditional décor that’s classic yet comfortable. However, not everyone gets it quite right and ‘The People Against MoDErN fArMhOuSe Facebook group shows us just what not to do, with real-life examples spotted in people’s homes of MFH fails. Scroll below for a look, at what many have voted as some of the more ludicrous interpretations, of this particular design style.

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#1 Tiny Fibers Are Now Stuck In My Lipgloss, But It Matches The Esthetic So I’ll Drink Wine Out Of Anything

Image source: Suzanne Hernandez

#2 Do Not Ask Me If This Is Still Available. If You See It, It’s Available

Image source: Suzanne Hernandez

#3 Elegant Af

Image source: Christian Wiseman

#4 Found This One… I Can’t Stop Looking At The Ceiling

Image source: Savannah Beller

#5 This Was At The Top Of My Feed Today; I Love That People Are Speaking The Truth!

Image source: Molly Hauser

#6 It Took My Brain Entirely Too Long To See That I Was Looking At A Table And Chairs Rather Than Some Weird Things Scattered On The Floor

Image source: Karen Baraniak

#7 And The Marketplace Gods Just Keep On Giving

Image source: Ash Ley

#8 Went To An “Antique” Store Today. You Know The Kind I Mean. Everything Was Upcycled. Everything Was Whitewashed. And I Do Mean *everything*

Image source: Sarah Bartell

#9 Modern Farmhouse Taxidermy?

Image source: Freja Storm

#10 Found In The Wild Of My Local Marketplace, It Says Boho But I Have A Feeling Someone Is Going To Get This To Match Their Highland Cow Ottoman

Image source: Christine Richey

#11 No Thanks, Pinterest

Image source: Melissa Beth

#12 This Was Just Posted On A Home Remodeling Group I’m In. Apparently, The Home Owner Has Slight Regrets On Their Bathroom Tile Choice Now That It Has Been Installed And Is Seeking Suggestions On How To “Tone It Down.”

Image source: Larissa Pearson

#13 It’s Not Just The Cabinets, But The Butthole On The Countertop That Does It For Me

Image source: Stacy Litz

#14 Accent Wall Found On Zillow

Image source: Libby Protzman

#15 The Listing: “Home’s Rustic Country Interior Design Is Magazine Worthy And The Pictures Speak For Themselves” The Pictures:

Image source: Emily Jacques

#16 This Is At My Sister’s Mfh And She Doesn’t Understand Why I Laugh Every Time I Come Over And Use The Bathroom

Image source: Ben Feria

#17 Obsessed With This Anti-Mfh Amethyst Covered Fireplace At My Bfs Grandparents House

Image source: Kira Sulkko

#18 I’m Going To Quit My Job And Go Sell Blocks Of Pine For $500 A Pop

Image source: Andrea Petersen

#19 Hmm

Image source: Abbie Ross

#20 Are You Kidding Me!?

Image source: Emily DeBord

#21 Time For Bed, Kids!! Get In Your Crates!!

Image source: Makenzie Maroszek

#22 The Bowl

Image source: Katie Ramsey

#23 Living In Missouri Provides Me With A Lot Of These Gems

Image source: Alex Skroblin

#24 Just Joined This Group And I Thought I’d Share The Coozie From A Family Members Wedding. The Ceremony Was In A Barn In 90 Degree Weather And The “Seats” Were Hay Bales

Image source: Carolyn Cooper

#25 I Got Confused Decorating

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