40 Times People Paid A Ton Of Money For Something And Regretted It

Published 7 months ago

We work hard for our money and we often expect to get our money’s worth when we make purchases as a result. Every time we splurge on something extra, we try to justify the luxury so we can feel better about the extravagance. 

However, not all suppliers are willing to provide the quality of service we expect as consumers for our hard-earned money. All too often, we see evidence of when the business provides a commodity that is below part to a shameful point that can even be considered mildly infuriating. Scroll below for a collection of such examples of when business owners and service providers dropped the ball in terms of their deliverables and left folks venting their frustrations online to a sympathetic audience. 

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#1 Paid $12 To Go To This “Pumpkin Patch”, Also Known As A Field With Pumpkins Placed In It

Image source: _grumpycat1

Jen S: That’s hilarious though

#2 I Paid $47 To Upgrade To This “Window Seat”

Image source: time_fo_that

Ima ManimalEverything about the whole airline industry is a huge rip off

#3 $8.99 Kids Buttered Noodles

Image source: Urdnought

Diolla: Well… it’s “noodles” … and butter….. technically correct. But HOW can anybody believe you can actually serve a dish like this??

#4 I Paid $10.95 For This

Image source: dog_eat_dog

Bogdan Chelariu: Bread prices are getting out of hand! :))

#5 This Restaurant Has An Automatic 18% Service Charge For Parties Of One Or Higher. I’ve seen restaurants include gratuity when it’s a large party but never for parties of 1.

Image source: TRTL2k

Shark Lady: I bet the front of house staff don’t receive a penny of that charge.

#6 This Was Served At A Networking Party. They Paid 500$ For The Venue

Image source: etevian

Fuzzy bunny feet: Is that ketchup on a pickle slice?

#7 Just Arrived At My Hotel In My “Sea Facing Room”

Image source: Sappok

JoNo (edited): Well, it is facing the sea, so I guess they were telling the truth? Sea-views would have been stretching it.

#8 Glad I Paid For Pre

Image source: CouchPotatoFamine

Jason: This happens a lot to me. Still saves having to pull everything apart

#9 Paid $300 For 3 Nights At This Specific Hotel Because They Advertised A Free Continental Breakfast. This Is Their Continental Breakfast

Image source: awitcheskid

ILoveMySon: Wowza. That is sad.

#10 My Wedding Cake (Yes, We Paid For This)

Image source: reddit.com

ILoveMySon: Hopefully it tasted good.

#11 I Spent $12 On “Anti-Fog” Mirror Film

Image source: kelleh711

pandaPanda: Looks like you need to stick an Anti-antifog film on it…

#12 Just Paid $800 For My School “Books”. It’s A Loose Leaf Paper

Image source: Xaephod

Crystal KelleyI would be livid.

#13 Went Out For Dinner With Friends And Got Sausage And Peppers As An Appetizer. This Is What We Got

Image source: MikGusta

JoNoThe look like slugs!

#14 Dinner Provided By My School (On A Trip I Paid $1500 For)

Image source: purpleeapple

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Just looking at that giant piece of pizza makes me feel full.

#15 Bought A $44 Handmade Ceramic Mug. It Cracks As I Pour In My First Cup Of Tea

Image source: reddit.com

SpaceFrogThat’s so sad!! I hope you get a replacement or money back.

#16 2023 Is The Year Of Paying More For Less

Image source: reddit.com

parmadillo: Ooh a free tortilla with your salad!

#17 I Paid $20 For A Burger On My Cruise. Here Is The Result

Image source: Rafael_king_potato

Rob Chapman: That looks worse than hospital food

#18 This $18 “Caesar Salad” My Girlfriend’s Cousins Got In Vegas

Image source: LeftysSuck

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Caesar ate the salad, and Cousin got the leftovers.

#19 Ordered Fried Pickles As An Appetizer. I Got 1 Pickle Cut Into 4, Cost Me $10

Image source: joeyvesh13

Rob Chapman: That’s straight up price gouging.

#20 I Paid $5.50 For These Cheesy Chips At A Football Match

Image source: billywright4

d-recoveryHahaha. All of the UK horrified right now. This needs a trigger warning

#21 Paid $9 For This. Speechless

Image source: mdizzle40

Lydsylou (she/her): Can’t even spell cheese correct

#22 I Ordered A Baby Shower Gift For A Friend From Babies R Us And Paid An Extra $5 For A Gift Wrap With A Gift Message. Gift Message Printed On Invoice With Contents Listed

Image source: swiggertime

Jason: At least the baby tried wrapping it for you

#23 Power Went Out 20 Minutes Into Oppenheimer. Didn’t Get To See The Last 30 Minutes. Waited about an hour for it to be restored, and the movie restarted, only for it to restart again automatically at the next showtime, leading to being kicked out of the theater.

Image source: JakeBurnsRed

Megan Curl: So, ask for a refund or free pass for next time.

#24 My Wife Paid $200 For Front-Row Balcony Seats. They Closed The Balcony And Now This Is Our View

Image source: WWDB

Hippopotamuses: Hopefully, you took this up with the promoters. They can’t just downgrade you like that.

#25 Got Charged 9k For A Doctor To Tell Me It Was Just Period Cramps, And After Going To Another Doctor, It Was Diagnosed As A Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Image source: Carlpoppa1738

Diolla: I suppose this is USA? I would fear visiting a doctor if I lived there! Could never pay that kind of bills.

#26 Just Paid $300 For This Textbook And Peeled Off A Sticker To Reveal It Shouldn’t Have Been Sold

Image source: MathDude95

Hippopotamuses (edited): Report the seller to the publisher!

#27 Caprese Salad I Purchased From A Pizza Place. I Should Have Checked The Reviews First

Image source: Umman_manda6632

VioletHunter: I mean… that’s caprese. It’s just presented badly and a small portion.

#28 $17 For Sad Pizza My Friend Ordered

Image source: Parking_Pineapple440

KorthiasThey appear to have forgotten the cheese

#29 The Majesty Of An $8.00 Whole Foods Sandwich. The Good News Is The Chicken Salad Is Completely Tasteless

Image source: beladona7

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: That’s worth $1.95.

#30 Getting Taxed On A Tip Illegally

Image source: Lirsh2

Robert Beveridge: I’m sure the local tax board would be quite interested in seeing that. (chamber of commerce as well, but who knows, they might have been the ones who offered skimming lessons)

#31 The View Of The Stage At My Concert

Image source: thatcancerfurry

Phobrek: At this point you’re not at the concert, just watching other people attending a concert

#32 We Lost Our Cat Thor On Christmas Day. My Girl Has Been Struggling To Cope Since. She Loves Stuffed Animals So For This Christmas I Ordered Her A Cuddle Clone. I Paid $300 For This

Image source: WaddupThugsBunny

Chrissie Anit: That doesn’t look too bad?

#33 This Haircut That I Paid $60 For

Image source: rainstorm22

ScarletRos: That looks worse than when I cut my own hair during lockdown.

#34 I Paid $45 To Add Ride Photos To My Daughter’s Amusement Park’s Season Pass. It’s An Extra $20/Photo To Download Without The Watermark

Image source: cincymatt

Emily: Such greed is disgusting.

#35 The View From My 30€ Ticket

Image source: Michaluck

Chrissie Anit: This should be illegal

#36 This Is The Hot Tub At The Airbnb, Which Was Why I Rented The Spot. Smelled Terrible And Was Not Cleaned In Forever

Image source: Forsaken_Storm_6397

Kevin Beard: Human soup!

#37 Bought A New Build House And Chose A Location Across From Yet To Be Placed Park Since We Had Kids. Paid A Premium For This Coveted Lot. Here’s The Park They Finally Put In

Image source: catusjuice

Gillbella: But you are paying to not be next to another house aren’t you?

#38 A “Caesar Salad” At Red Robin

Image source: pb7555

Megan Curl: Red Robin is known for good burgers and free fry refills, not salad. Although is that really a single sad and lonely crouton?

#39 My Mom Paid $20k To Enclose Her Porch. I Saw It Today. All Of The Beams And Joints Look Like This

Image source: UngodlyTurtles

Kevin B: I would have them fix it or refund 50% of the amount paid. Blast negative reviews all over social media and web until they comply. This is completely unacceptable…

#40 The Server Said The Wings Were A “Good” Size

Image source: TheCamiloCano

Sergy Yeltsen:  I’d be checking to see if the sparrows and pigeons in the closest park are still there, or can still fly.

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