This Google App Offers To Find Your Museum Lookalike, Yet Not Everyone Is Excited About The Results

Published 6 years ago

Have you ever been told you look like a piece of art? Well, there might be a chance that it’s not always the good kind of art people are comparing you too.

Google’s Arts & Culture app just introduced a new feature that, with the help of a facial recognition technology, finds your museum artwork look-alike. All you have to do is upload your photo and let the app scan the database with works from over 1000 museums from around the world until it finds a match. And while it’s searching for your doppelganger, prepare yourself to see some surprising results, as Google ain’t gonna sugarcoat the facts.

Whether the results are accurate or not, most of them are quite hilarious, so scroll down to see the most amusing “look-alikes” and make sure to give it a try yourself -maybe you’re the lucky one who’s gonna get compared to “The Birth Of Venus” or the statue of David.


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Image source: joshuafu


Image source: ryanw79


Image source: kristenanniebell


Image source: CarolineWazer


Image source: netflix


Image source: kumailn


Image source: HashtagTricia


Image source: liam_bp


Image source: 666styx


Image source: neilhimself


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