20 Quirky House Rules These Homeowners Online Would Hold On For Life

Published 1 year ago

Every home has its own rules and regulations. Of course, these rules aren’t just the owners being petty, but to make the house as orderly as they intended it to be. Some rules can be so straightforward that they don’t need to be written at all, for example: don’t forget to flush the toilet after every use, or don’t slam the doors.

However, some rules can be quite quirky, but they are still for the benefit of the house. To show you some examples of these quirky rules, we went over this Reddit thread by the user cigarandcreamsoda. The community had been generous enough to provide us with this extensive list that only goes to show how some homeowners can build their own hill to die on just to maintain their home in the state they wanted it to be.

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Image source: zerbey, cottonbro studio

If the TV is on, your phone volume should be set to zero or else wear headphones. Same goes for any other electronic devices. There are few things more annoying than volume wars in the living room.


Image source: lemonedpenguin, Lazar Gugleta

Put the lid down on toilet! We have shelves by the toilet and I don’t know how many stuff jumped into the toilet.


Image source: Kangaroodle, Vikram Mudaliar

Don’t tap on the aquarium glass.


Who ever has the higher standard for a chore does the chore.

When I do the dishes, I do the dishes. When my wife does the dishes, she does the dishes, makes coffee, and wipes down the counters.

When my wife sweeps, she gets the major areas. When I sweep, I move all the furniture and toys, then sweep every room, under every bed, then spot mop, then vacuum all the rugs and carpeted areas.

Source: WindsomKid


Image source: mrrizo, EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA

No outside clothes on the bed


Image source: Business_Loquat5658, Bethany Beck

You don’t get to hug my kids if they don’t want to hug you. I don’t care if you’re the grandparent or what.


Image source: kaidomac, Pixabay

Don’t put stuff on the stairs. Almost died once. Never again!


Image source: flpacsnr, Max Vakhtbovych

Shoes off!


No phones at the dinner table

Source: loonytoon94


Image source: RnGesus54, Alexandria Gilliott

Car doesn’t go in drive unless everyone has their seatbelts on.


Image source: _notthatotherguy_, Chewy

Do not mistreat the dogs.


Image source: NerdyBrooklynGirl, Jessica Johnston

I live alone with my dog. When my friends come over, they make comments about my dog being on my furniture or that he sleeps in the bed with me. It’s my house and my dog’s house. If they don’t like it, they can leave.


Don’t leave time on the microwave!

Source: sonorancafe


Image source: OhYesPizza, Karolina Grabowska

No homophobia. No transphobia. No racism.


Image source: stickystarz, Camylla Battani

Don’t feed my dogs, anything. I don’t care how cute they are looking at you.


Image source: MissKate89, Ilona Frey



Image source: Both_Cucumber_445, sarandy westfall

The dog lives here – you don’t.


Image source: onionsthecat, Sam Lion

If there is a cat on your lap, you don’t have to get up for any reason.


Image source: karmawhobiiih, MART PRODUCTION

Knock first! Bathroom, bedroom or study room. Knocking is a slowly forgotten art of respect.


Image source: coffcat, Fuu J

I have timid cats, leave them alone. If they come up to you, fine. Don’t be chasing them around the house trying to pet them or pick them up. You won’t be invited over ever again.

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