25 Common Male Experiences That Women Can’t Wrap Their Heads Around

Published 4 weeks ago

A Reddit thread sparked widespread interest when user Workdncsheets posed a thought-provoking question: “What are some things that are normal to men but mind-blowing to women?” The question tapped into broader discussions about gender dynamics and societal norms. 

It resonated deeply with many users, echoing observations made by Michael Ian Black about the evolving definitions of masculinity and femininity. Among the responses, a significant theme emerged: the reluctance of men to openly discuss their mental health. This reluctance, coupled with the alarming statistics on male suicide rates, highlighted the pressing need for greater awareness and support for men’s emotional well-being in today’s society.

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Image source: GWindborn, Tom Pumford

I’m 39. I started down an entirely new career path in mid-January. I’ve had horrible imposter syndrome since day 1 but the new job feels good. My boss (who happens to be a woman) sent me the nicest most complimentary email thanking me for being such a good addition to the team and I sincerely cried because in all my years in the workforce nobody has ever appreciated me so much. I imagine to her it was just one of those things a good boss does – “hey, my employee did a good job, I should tell them!” I sent it to my dad when he asked me how the new job was going. Even HE cried out of pride. Men don’t get compliments, and when we do, we really feel it.

#2 From what I am constantly told – the size of our standard pants pockets is mind-blowing.

Image source: supermodern, SHVETS production

#3 Long car rides with another dude, nobody says anything and nobody is mad.

Image source: zenzealot, RDNE Stock project

#4 I don’t remember the birthday of my best friend of 12 years. i just know its in January.

Image source: Coolstashio, lil artsy

#5 The expectation to help in certain situations, especially as a big guy.

I went to retirement party for a person I never met before (invited by a friend). Literally minutes after I showed up, some random lady came up to me and *told* me to come with her because she needed something carried somewhere.

After I helped the woman above, I remember my (female) friend was kinda surprised that this woman just demanded I help her, without knowing who I was at all. I don’t mind helping. On some level it’s nice (?) knowing that I look strong enough to help people do things they physically can’t. But this happens ALL. THE. TIME. Which also surprised her.

Image source: bigguy14433

#6 Two guy friends could spend the afternoon together, have a grand time, come home, and have their respective wives be absolutely bewildered that they didn’t learn anything about what’s going on in the other guy’s life.

Image source: cen-texan

#7 Being treated as a danger regardless of what you do.

Image source: MarsNirgal, Roan Lavery

#8 Men just naturally have a level of strength that surprises women. Testosterone is a hell of a d**g.

Image source: cbftw, Victor Freitas

For example: my wife has been going to the gym for a while now. She’s noticeably stronger now and it’s awesome for her. I actually commented and complimented it the other night. But me, a dumpy 45 year old man whose exercise is walking and carrying groceries, I’m still stronger than her just because I’m a guy.

#9 We clean off s**t stuck to the inside of the toilet bowl when we p**s. It ain’t much but it’s honest work.

Image source: Outrageous-Mail-1267

#10 Apparently just thinking of ”nothing”. Total zoning out.

Image source: ahjteam

#11 Had a meetup with the boys for hours. not a single photo was taken.

Image source: mastersyx, Ashkan Forouzani

#12 My wife continually asks me ‘did anyone say anything about your shirt/hair/shoes/etc?’ No, no one says anything about my appearance.

Image source: lollerkeet, Victor Larracuente

#13 My friends who I haven’t seen in YEARS went camping with me recently for four days. I got back and my wife asked me what’s been going on in their lives. I pondered and said that I don’t really know beyond some got married at some point, one had a kid but I don’t know when, and that we mainly talked random stuff. One night we had ended up making a tier list of dipping sauces over three hours.

Image source: dBoyHail

#14 My female friends don’t roast each other like I do with my friends. It’s all in good fun, but I can’t joke with them like I do with my male friends.

Image source: SorryWorldliness5296, Lisa Fotios

#15 My wife didn’t realize she’d been seeing this for years in various guys until she asked me what it was. I call it the “Howdy Pardner” – when you realize one or both of the twins is stuck to your leg so you kinda haunch out like a cowboy walking with his spurs on for just a split second and everything unsticks.

Image source: baltinerdist

#16 The first time my wife showered with me she stops and says “it’s moving! Are you doing that? Why is it moving?” That was when I realized, if you don’t have a dong, you don’t know that they can move around as your testicles move, nor do you know that testicles move around all the time on their own. Particularly in an environment where the temperature is getting either hot or cold, like a shower. Balls move and balls itch. It’s what they do. And d***s have a mind of their own. Don’t ask me why it’s hard, I’ve been asking it that since I hit puberty.

Image source: DeaddyRuxpin

#17 As a woman I can say something that blows my mind constantly about men is being able to leave the house with no bag. Just like keys and wallet in pockets. 0 inventory. Wild to me.

Image source: cinnamonbutterfly, Mathias Reding

#18 In general (the men I know), discussing a partners body or intimate relationship details would be crossing a line and is at best weird, and at worst a betrayal.

Image source: Classic-Economy2273, Seven 7

#19 That we don’t socialize/talk/bond with other guys in the bathroom.

No talking in the bathroom. You go in, take care of business, wash your hands, and get out.

No standing next to another dude at the urinal unless you have no choice.

Women’s behavior in the bathroom is considerably different than men’s behavior, or so I’ve been told.

Image source: FbxCycler

#20 Mainly mind blowing to my wife.

When something in the house breaks, needs repairing, repainting, generally attended to. I don’t have an automatic man signal straight to my brain that tells me what to do.
I have to go away, watch YouTube videos, read methods, roam around B&Q for a solution. It takes failed attempts and roaming around the offending situation cursing to myself when no one around untill I either fix it. Or call another male via form of payment to fix it because I’m out of my depth.
My wife is under the impression her role is to identify something is wrong and just hand it to me because I will “know what to do”.

Image source: Portman88

#21 Being single means no physical contact for extended periods. Or just me. I haven’t been hugged in over 4 years. The last time I touched someone else was a handshake 5 months ago.

Image source: ridethroughlife, Kevin Lee

#22 Erection == Aroused.

It boggles their mind that just cause a guy gets hard doesn’t mean he is ready to go. Sometimes it just…happens.

Image source: PastPriority-771

#23 Having to suppress emotional responses, anxiety, depression otherwise being considered a loser, weak and worthless.

Image source: Fine-Geologist-695

#24 How much stress some of us feel trying to be providers.

Which probably isn’t mind-blowing to single mothers.

Image source: xubax

#25 How disposable we feel. Like Chris Rock said, “Only women, children, and puppies are loved unconditionally “.

Image source: RepresentativeDog141,

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