25 Things That Are Considered ‘Normal’ For Men, But ‘Weird’ For Women

Published 2 months ago

Men and women differ from each other intrinsically. Though we are exposed to similar things in public, our perceptions can differ, our reactions can differ and two people from opposite genders can walk away from the same social interactions with differing experiences. 

Recently, a Redditor sparked an interesting conversation online when they asked, “What is normal to men but weird to women?” Netizens were quick to relate their testimonies from which we’ve shared the most enlightening in the gallery below. 

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#1 Being friends with someone and knowing absolutely nothing about them

Image source: IPanicKnife, Diva Plavalaguna/pexels

#2 Not getting details. Case in point: One of my best friends wife had a baby. I swung by the hospital on my lunch break, congratulated him, and left. That night, I told my wife they had the baby. It was a boy, and the name. She started asking all this other stuff, length, weight, time, etc, and I had no idea. Didn’t bother to ask. Baby was good, Mom and Dad were good. I thought I had covered the bases.

Image source: wango138, Büşranur Aydın/pexels

#3 Having no decorations whatsoever.

Image source: Egbezi, Max Rahubovskiy/pexels

#4 Idle mode, literally not thinking of anything for a short period of time

Image source: Raptoraide, cottonbro studio/pexels

#5 Not having to constantly worry about waiting on line for the bathroom/finding a bathroom

Image source: Historical-Essay6116, Gabriela Pereira/pexels

#6 Several years back, my wife and I moved abroad. Our first Christmas back in the US we had separate guys/ladies nights to catch up with our old friends. When we got back that night she was able to give me an update on everyone because for the past few hours they just sat in a circle and took turns talking about their lives. When she asked me about the guys, I responded “I dunno, we just ordered pizza and played video games”.

Image source: F0rdycent, Ron Lach/pexels

#7 Stopping to pick up a good stick

Image source: PaIngallsButSexier, Saroj Gajurel/pexels

#8 Deciding to do something and leaving the house 5 minutes later to get it done.

Image source: Ok_Butterscotch_3219, Alena Darmel/pexels

#9 Nodding to other random dudes on the street, and getting nods back in acknowledgement

Image source: blahdumb, Huy ProShoot/pexels

#10 Been working out at a local gym for half a year with 3-4 guys . Don’t know their names. Don’t plan on asking.

Image source: 90slegitchild

#11 Accidentally walking behind a woman at night and quickly going to the other side of the road or slowing down to create distance so you don’t seem like a creep.

Image source: FloppyPenguin1701, Tomas Anunziata/pexels

#12 Not having any real friends to support them through tough times.

Image source: GrammarIsDescriptive, SHVETS production/pexels

This is particularly true of boomers – I hope it won’t be the same for my generation. As I watch my parents and their friends get old, sick, and die, I see that none of the men visit each other in hospital or even know why their “friends” are sick. My mom and her female friends spend their days checking in on and taking care of each other. But when a husband gets sick, there is no one except their wife to take care of them.

The only exception in my parents’ friend-group was the gay male couple. They had a community of gay men supporting them.

#13 Going literal years without any sort of physical contact

Image source: RadiantHC, Markus Spiske/pexels

#14 Strapping something down and saying “that’s not going anywhere”

Image source: Ok_Cry1188, Andrea Piacquadio/pexels


Image source: anonuglysimpleetc, Polina Zimmerman/pexels

#16 Me and the bros have been friends for like 15 years… I think we have a total of 3 pictures together haha

Image source: Lamontyy, Nur Andi Ravsanjani Gusma/pexels

#17 That side step to unstick your nutsack.

Image source: Warrature1969, Lukas Rychvalsky/pexels

#18 Using shampoo, conditioner, body wash and face wash from the same bottle

Image source: spicy_sizzlin, Kindel Media/pexels

#19 Washing your hair every time you shower

Image source: soyundinosaurioverde, Karolina Grabowska/pexels

#20 Periods of silence. Sometimes you chill with the boys and just enjoy the moment. No words, just drinking, gaming, smoking, etc in silence..

Image source: TheStoicbrother

#21 Being scared of randomly being accused of being a creep in public, possibly even reported, even though you’re just minding your own business.

Image source: Single_Blueberry, cottonbro studio/pexels

No, I’m not staring at you, I’m thinking about a certainly relevant scenario about how I would fight off a random armed bank robber right now and my state of mind is “Where am I going again? Oh, look, a bunch of ants. Nice.”

#22 The one who gets roasted the most is probably our star of the group. We insult because we love.

Image source: Ok-Experience-6674, Helena Lopes/pexels

#23 Body hair. It’s fine for men to have hairy legs, armpits, etc., but everyone loses their mind if they see a woman with body hair

Image source: pinndog-trillionare, Liudmyla Shalimova/pexels

#24 Sleeping on a mattress on the floor with no sheets and only one flat yellow pillow.

Image source: NotNamedBort, Skylar Kang/pexels


Image source: pakkomi, Yaroslav Shuraev/pexels

I’m trans, and not many people know that. It gives me a very unique perspective in life of having acclimatised to both men and women social norms. A major difference is that men and women gossip, – but differently. When girls gossip, it’s about “who did what, when, how, and *the audacity*” and when men gossip, it’s one guy saying “this guy is a s**t c**t, ay.” And other guys going “yeah.” If I treated either in reversal, men would be put off by it, and women would be wondering *why* I don’t like them over the fact that I just *don’t,* women need reason, context. Forgiveness is different too. Women are so much more understanding, but rarely forgive once a line is crossed. Men might just not like you over something petty. Buy him a beer or make his life a little easier and suddenly you’re not so bad anymore. “He’s still a s**t c**t, but he’s not that bad” Men aren’t better drivers, they’re more decisive ones. Women are more cautious, which can slow reaction time when they’re accessing the situation. Men leave much more to instinct. Often in each other’s eyes, men are reckless, women are too slow. Neither are necessarily right or wrong. Being “gross”. Men in men-only environments don’t tend to think much about spitting, sticky taping wounds, adjusting their junk, farting, burping, not washing their hands as often as they probably should. There seems to be a lot more group forgiveness that “yeah I do that too, it’s normal.” When women are together, you still don’t hear them ripping one and congratulating each other.

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