Now and Forever: 11 Ideas for Twin Micro-Tattoos

Published 7 years ago

A tattoo is something you do now and forever. For this reason, so many people around the globe make paired tattoos to prove and unite their destinies to each other. The important point to mention here is that paired or coupled tattoos, as they are also called, do not always mean that they are for couples. Many best friends also consider creating some unique ornaments or little pictures to remember about the true friendship forever and ever.

Professional ink masters still warn and remind that tattoo is a permanent picture on your skin. Once you put it there, the reverse path becomes very tough if not impossible! Think twice before you make one. Yet in most cases, people who decided to secure their friendship or romantic relationship with a tattoo know what they agree to, so there is no need to develop the topic.

This selection is dedicated to the pictures of incredible micro-tattoos. They are perfect for people who don’t need to prove anything to the world about their own feelings but want to have a little reminder to themselves. Check the pictures below and get some inspiration for your twin-tattoo.

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#1 Play

A great idea for friends who never want to forget the roaring times!

#2 No matter what

No matter where the life may take you and your friends, remember, that your birds will always fly in the same direction.

#3 Sisters

Siblings are the most important people in the lives of each other. Such a tatoo will allow to always be together and remember about each other.

#4 Stay put

Being far aways from each other is a tough test, but thouse who pass it remain together forever.

#5 Quarrel, but always forgive

No matter how much you may quarrel with someone, just think about all the positive things you know about this person to calm down and resolve the conflict. “Little fingers” is a univeral sign of friends and forgiveness.

#6 XO

Whether for a couple of just best friends the perfect kissing symbols will always look great.

#7 Key to the heart

Keys and locks are old-fashioned signs of love and marriage. While they are old, they always remain in fashion!

#8 Heartbeat

If you trully love or care about someone, your heartbeats unify. Remember about it!

#9 Dates

Tattooing the date of your wedding is always a great helping sign to keep in mind why you got into this in case anything goes wrong in the future.

#10 Racoons

Racoons are one of the most adorable animals existing! Even if you don’t have a friend or a couple to tattoo a racoon, do it anyway!

#11 Star Wars

Whether you love the movie or not, Darth Vader and the Death Star were meant for each other!

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