25 Funny Signs Spotted At The NYC Marathon

Published 6 months ago

Last weekend on Sunday the 5th Of Nov, the 52nd edition of the New York City Marathon took place in front of thousands of spectators as 50,000 runners attempted to complete the 26.2-mile course on the streets of New York. 

As the last of the six World Marathon Majors events scheduled for 2023 the support for the athletes was aplenty. But while the competitors commanded the majority of the attention of viewers as they should, there was a small group of people that almost stole the show with their creativity. The ‘poster holders’ slayed at this event with some show-stopping signage and we’ve shared a few of the best signs spotted at the event in the gallery below. 

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#1 Even Seth Phillips, Aka Dude With Sign, Shared One Of His Iconic Posters

Image source: RonaldVelten

Mike FitzpatrickThis guy is a legend.

#2 Sport Enthusiasts Were Particularly Busy That Day

Image source: CBS6Greg

ShaZamNo one should be in a hurry to see the giants. Go as slow as you want 🙄

#3 Who Forgot About This Satirical Conspiracy Theory?

Image source: DAUFGL

Darius S. (he/him) cis/grey!Warning! Birds Aren’t Real” actor for possible False flag event.( I don’t even see arms attached to those floating hands.sneaky. ) ……….. ! Always look for the apostrophe! …………..

#4 Oh Dating Apps… Everyone’s Nightmare

Image source: NYCSightsSounds

axisgaymtfid just be their for eric adams joints dude..

#5 Nice Body Parts

Image source: whatisnewyork

#6 Some People Were Straight Up Hilarious

Image source: arunNYC

StygtandNever trust a fart after 40

#7 Not Sure What Christopher Walken Did, Maybe People Oppose Deer Hunters?

Image source: zGuz

Howl’s sleeping castleOnly cowbells

#8 Natural Needs And Especially Flatulence Were A Recurring Theme During The Event

Image source: arunNYC

#9 Some Marathon Watchers Had A Very Niche Sense Of Humor

Image source: juliadahl

#10 Some Runners May Have Needed Tough Love

Image source: JessLozanoS

#11 And Now We’re Here

Image source: AbbeyMastracco

VonBladeLovely clean streets.

#12 Cheering? No, Sometimes People Want Discouragement

Image source: TalkingTdimhcS

Darius S. (he/him) cis/greyThis hits close to home.

#13 Do You Think Some Runners Stopped To Unpack Their Inner Emotional Struggles?

Image source: swieder13

Your fav(?) nerd (they/any)Hehe i love Taylor

#14 A Special Mention To New York’s Infamous Rodents

Image source: whatisnewyork

#15 Naturally, A Major Event Wouldn’t Be Major Without The Presence Of Taylor Swift

Image source: kelseyryan3

#16 No Comment.

Image source: WUTangKids

Peter HWhile simultaneously working on an early draft of the Declaration of Independence!

#17 A Special Mention To Those Suffering From Uncomfortable Rubbing Body Parts Was Made

Image source: juliadahl

ShaZamthat’s why I don’t run … No, that would be a lie.

#18 Some Viewers Took Things Personally

Image source: jeanienyc


#19 The Meta Big Brother Eyes Were Everywhere

Image source: jared531

Deni CastroRun like your life depends on it!!!

#20 Now That Should Light A Fire Under Their Derriere

Image source: ryanlachica

#21 Someone “Ron Weasleyed” The Runners Instead Of Simply Cheering Them On

Image source: fiorela4193

#22 Why Make A Poster Complicated When Two Words Suffice

Image source: eedwards_nyc

Awesome At Being AutisticIf First Dog on the Moon and Elmo had a baby.

#23 Rat Puns Are Really Under-Rat-Ed

Image source: pmdemola

#24 Counting Down Miles Must’ve Been The Best Approach

Image source: whatisnewyork

#25 Some Supporters Had Very Encouraging Words

Image source: juliadahl

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