30 “Funny Signs” That May Leave You In Stitches From Side-Splitting Laughter

Published 11 months ago

When someone keeps repeatedly asking the same question, have you ever thought to yourself that maybe you should hang a sign around your neck with your response? The Funny Signs subreddit is overflowing with examples of people who did something just as silly in an attempt to get their message across in the most entertaining way. 

Scroll below for a light-hearted collection of the most chucklesome signs spotted on the page. These folks are clearly frustrated with their community and shared that through a clever, sassy or pointed sign that is ridiculously hilarious.

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#1 Pub In The UK

Image source: ILikePie30509

#2 Is It True Guys ???

Image source: LittleShopping1240

#3 The Four Horsemen Of The Bathroom Closet

Image source: Sensitive_Clue_4795

#4 Six Word Stories

Image source: abaganoush


#5 It’s Not A Bug, It’s A Feature

Image source: CroakyPyrex


#6 So What’s The Purpose Of This Store?

Image source: Otherwise_End7707


#7 Don’t Hold Back. Share Your Ideas!

Image source: dudreddit

#8 Ah Yes, The Casual Neighborhood Coyote Detonating Tnt

Image source: Zacryon

#9 Too Funny

Image source: tellingbig

#10 Happens To Me Often

Image source: RedditWithMIG

#11 Yayy

Image source: whoisseptember

#12 Who Gave Zeb Aimbot?

Image source: R3tronic

#13 Warning: Surprises Are Not Needed!

Image source: Lee_Ma_NN

#14 Demon Dog Sign

Image source: LieChemical9700

#15 Neighbors

Image source: Lmanwell23

#16 Forensics Lab Rules

Image source: Tinkerer221

#17 Repeat This Is Not A Drill

Image source: Internetboy5434

#18 Weather Balloons

Image source: revdre

#19 Big Fat Nope

Image source: dollartreecandle

#20 Truth Be Told!

Image source: HappyJacket3113

#21 Free Snowman

Image source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#22 Repetitive Incidents

Image source: Cman1916

#23 “I Laughed… I Cried.” Bathroom Of The Year

Image source: CouplingWithQuozl

#24 Now That’s A Good Advice!

Image source: Frank_luiz

#25 I’m A Dog Lover As Well

Image source: Thin_Arachnid6217

#26 Some Good Advice From The Fire Department

Image source: Alternative_Egg9955

#27 Know Yourself

Image source: abaganoush

#28 At A Local Church

Image source: Shaneaux

#29 Nice

Image source: Fit-Advance9526

#30 I Broke My Toilet A Few Times This Year, So My Roommate Got A Text From Our Landlord Framed

Image source: bennythomson

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