25 Obvious Things People Didn’t Realise Until Mortifyingly Late In Life

Published 4 weeks ago

In a recent popular Reddit thread, user Relation-Major731 sparked a wave of self-reflection by asking fellow netizens to divulge the seemingly obvious things they had only recently come to realize, much to their embarrassment. The thread quickly became a treasure trove of humorous and relatable anecdotes as people from all walks of life shared their moments of sudden clarity. 

From simple everyday tasks to profound realizations about the world around them, users confessed to epiphanies that had eluded them for years, prompting a mix of laughter, sympathy, and collective nods of understanding from the online community. It’s a reminder that we’re all human, prone to moments of revelation that can be simultaneously amusing and humbling.

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#1 Tutti frutti means “all the fruits” in Italian.

Image source: Fun-Report4840, Alex Meier

#2 I learned in therapy last year that I can ask for things I need and things I want. I was 42 years old at the time.

Image source: Thee-lorax-, Kelly Sikkema

#3 I grew up around Doctor Who but never actually watched it for the longest time. My grandma (and apparently my great aunt way before I was born) loved Doctor Who, so it was just always around and I never gave any thought to the name of the show. And then finally: “Oh my god it’s called Doctor Who because nobody knows his real name and they just call him The Doctor.” F*****g shoot me dead or something I was so embarrassed.

Image source: gudematcha, cottonbro studio

#4 Figured out in college that there isn’t “cup cake mix” in the baking aisle. It’s just regular cake mix. I spent forever looking up and down the shelves for “cup cake mix” only to be informed by a nice grandmotherly woman that it is just cake mix put in little cups.

Image source: Ok_Dog8129, Sincerely Media

#5 I saw a video where a man said he didn’t know banks don’t keep your money. He’s been giving the bank rare coins thinking they put it in HIS account. (I think he thought it was like a safe deposit box)

Image source: thegirlthatmeowsalot, Roman Wimmers

#6 Growing up, my grandmother always used to tell me “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite,” and it always sounded like a quaint, old-timey saying to me. It wasn’t until a recent infestation scare in my apartment complex that I learned bedbugs are real critters, and not just a part of a nursery rhyme meant to tuck kids in at night. Talk about an epiphany that itches in retrospect.

Image source: PearlyPetalx, LeeAnn Cline

#7 That my casual coffee drinking habit (3-4 coffees/day) is causing the anxiety I’ve been experiencing for some time. Now I drink one coffee around lunch time, only if I feel I need it and I feel better.

Image source: canred, Nolan Issac

#8 Took me til my freshman year of college before I realized pickles were pickled cucumbers and not their own, unique vegetable. I thought the way you pickled other things was you put them in pickle juice.

Image source: willvasco, little plant

#9 It was never Napoleon ice cream ?

Image source: ItsImperial_, Lama Roscu

#10 That “evergreen” trees/plants are forever green, as in they don’t lose their leaves in the winter. Never broke down the word “ever-green”

Image source: TearSafe8494, David Vig

#11 In Greek alphabet we have the letters Ο (Omicron) and Ω(Omega). It took me 37 years to realize that they actually mean O-small and O-big.

Image source: ThanosDi, ROMAN ODINTSOV

#12 The phrase “pitch black” is referring to the substance “pitch”, which is very black in color. I had always considered “pitch” in that context to be akin to “very”, like how some otherwise archaic words survive in idioms.

Image source: knucklebed, chmyphotography

#13 We went to London in primary school and went to the Houses of Parliament. I’ve only just realised they say “ayes” and “nos” when referring to how people vote. Not “eyes” and “nose” I thought it was a covert way to vote by turning your head a certain way or something. I only figured it out when I was watching a video with captions….

Image source: Mannymac2000, Arnaud Jaegers

#14 That eating the crust of bread doesn’t make my teeth strong as my grandpa and mom always told me

Image source: justmyusername2820, Charles Chen

#15 My father herded caribou in Alaska from heli’s as a young man.
For 24 years I thought the fibre “velvet” literally came from cartilaginous antlers, as it’s referred to as velvet in the industry for its soft feel. I’ve shared this lie with hundreds of people.

Image source: sub_lunacy, Tim Schmidbauer

#16 I’m face blind, and I just found out how bad it is. Apparently my UPS driver who I see every day at work is the guy who grew up down the street from me, and I thought they were two different people because the UPS guy wears a hat.

Image source: TheThalmorEmbassy, Christopher Burns

#17 Ponies are not baby horses. They are just small horses.

Image source: RealGBK, Annie Spratt

#18 We were having breakfast at IHOP. Just got thinking, and i said, out loud, “i wonder what happened to the International House of Pancakes? They used to be all over them place. ” I am not smrt. ?

Image source: NecessarySir, Jaqueline Pelzer

#19 That placing an onion slice or lettuce leaf on the bottom hamburger bun keeps your freshly-grilled burger from soaking the bun.

Image source: epicenter69, Kristi Johnson

#20 They’re called hula hoops because when you use them it looks like you’re dancing the hula.

Image source: ryanmpaul, Joel Muniz

#21 Vampires don’t have a reflection because mirrors used to be made using silver and it was the silver that wouldn’t reflect the vampires image

Image source: Personal-Tea7226, Suhyeon Choi

#22 Tamagotchi are in eggs because they’re tamago (egg) + Tomodachi (friend)

Image source: skorletun, COSMOH LOVE

#23 Corn kernels are the seeds. Wanted to grow corn for fall last year, bought a pack of corn seeds only to realize the kernels from the cob were the seeds… felt pretty dumb just realizing this at 33 years old.

Image source: Jtx0741, Christophe Maertens

#24 The first little piggy wasn’t going shopping.

Image source: Just-some-fella, Darth Liu

#25 Hot water can leave your hair heat damaged. I always denied having heat damaged hair because I don’t use heated styling tools. I never occurred to me that washing my hair, in my one degree below steam shower, was causing heat damage ?

Image source: viciousvixen26, Chandler Cruttenden








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