20 Times Someone Shared Something So Unhinged It Got Shamed On The ‘Ok Boomer’ Page

Published 1 year ago

The generational gap can often leave people frustrated especially when dealing with archaic perspectives. This tension often leads to younger folks rebelling against old ways of doing things while older people assume the younger generation is generally a bunch of spoiled brats who lack a good work ethic.

Obviously, this has led to a series of memes that reflect these differences which can be found on the ‘Ok, Boomer’ Facebook group. The members post memes poking harmless fun at Baby Boomers and we’ve shared a few of the more popular ones from the collection, below.

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Image source: Dan Martin, twitter.com


Image source: ssAuto


Image source: Castro Oliveira


Image source: Isabella Victoria


Image source: Chris Balcomb


Image source: Tobias Michelsen


Image source: Give A Shift About Nature, twitter.com


Image source: Allen Dale


Image source: G Owen Yenolds


Image source: Samantha Love


Image source: Todd Burgoyne


Image source: Todd Burgoyne


Image source: Franklin Baugh, twitter.com


Image source: Walter V. Grant


Image source: Chris Cadaver


Image source: Treeona Hill, twitter.com


Image source: Alicia Garris


Image source: Justin Rosado


Image source: Devin Neufeld


Image source: What’s Cookin’ Italian Cuisine

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