25 Overrated Foods That Failed To Impress These Individuals Online

Published 3 weeks ago

Reddit, the internet’s bustling hub of discussion, debate, and quirky questions, often brings forth a treasure trove of opinions from people all around the globe. Recently, a user posed an intriguing question: “What food is expensive and overrated?”

The responses poured in, revealing a surprising consensus on certain luxurious foods that may not always live up to their high price tags. Here are some of the most frequently mentioned items that Reddit users deem both costly and overrated.

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Image source: CommunicationNo3650, Klayfe Rohden

Macaroons, I can’t understand why there are so expensive.


Image source: CatherineConstance, Polina Tankilevitch

Caviar. First of all, you can get ikura/fish eggs at Japanese restaurants for next to nothing. You can get the big ones wrapped in seaweed for a couple bucks, and when I was a kid I really liked the tiny orange roe, and would ask the servers for a side of them, and they’d give them to me for free. Caviar is just a fancier version of those, and often is a lot saltier. Too expensive for what you get.

Edit: Okay maybe roe/ikura isn’t that cheap either. I’ve never bought it in bulk, and I live in Alaska right by the ocean, and it’s always been v cheap at sushi restaurants here but as a whole I could be wrong about the pricing on that.


Image source: ncurry18, Valeria Boltneva

Those overloaded, tall, “Instagrammable” hipster burgers. This b******t is what I mean.

So many “upscale casual” restaurants seem to think the pinnacle of dining is a burger that costs $15-$25, is loaded with pointless ingredients meant to sound high-end (like truffle aioli and wagyu beef), and requires you to unhinge your jaw like a f*****g snake to take a bite. Not to mention the fact that they are usually an absolute mess and are usually okay-at-best in taste.


Image source: Tw*timaximus, Caleb Oquendo

Fast food. It used to be the cheaper option. Now I could go have a nice family dinner at a sit down restaurant for what fast food is costing.


Image source: zz374, Naotake Murayama

Gold flake. It tastes like nothing and is just to flex you have money to waste.


Image source: dramaandaheadache, Engin Akyurt


Their coffee is awful, which is why they have to load it with milk and whipped cream and sprinkles.


Image source: snow_michael, Elle Hughes


Just ashtrays full of snot.


Image source: mack__7963, Saturday Night Live

Anything salt bae serves.


Image source: draggar, Alpha

Shark fin soup. (I had some at an Asian wedding back in the mid-1990’s before I learned about the ethics of the industry).

It’s disgusting – you’re eating cartilage.

Gordon Ramsay did a video on it and he tried one of the highest rated ones – he said the broth was very good but you could put anything in there, chicken, beef, sausage, etc, but the shark fin part wasn’t good at all.

I would agree with him, the soup / broth was good, but the shark-fin was disgusting. They could have made the broth into a traditional fish soup and it would have been a lot better.

Honorable mention goes out to anyone who asks for a restaurant’s “**most expensive wine**”. You’re just showing off your money to the people around you and clearly telling the staff you have no idea what you’re ordering. You’ll usually get a mediocre wine with an expensive price tag.


Image source: One_Entertainment381, Antony Trivet

Anything where a single plate is over $100. I feel like flavor peaks around $40-$50 and everything beyond that just tastes weirder to seem fancy.


Image source: crazy-diam0nd, Gaby Yerden

Avocado toast. I’d be able to afford a house in a good neighborhood and support a family of five on a single income if I hadn’t eaten that in my 20s.


Image source: Lower-Win-4358, Deane Bayas

Lobster rolls. $22-28 for two to three ounces of lobster meat slathered in mayonnaise and put in a hot dog bun.


Image source: UnorthadoxGeneology, Allan Salvador

Honestly, wagyu beef. I had it just to say I’ve had it. I paid a premium price for a little thing that probably wouldn’t even be considered an appetizer. It was okay.


Image source: Bogdan-Forrester, Mike Mozart

Olive Garden.

Fight me.


Image source: bangbangracer, Ivan Samkov

Most of this seems to be a lot of discussion of personal taste, but I’ll throw my hat in the ring.


It’s fine. It’s just fine. They are expensive as hell because they aren’t really native to anywhere outside of California and the Baja peninsula of Mexico, every influencer thinks they made a recipe by sticking avocado on something and posting it to Instagram, and you seemingly can’t avoid hearing people opinions about it.

“Have you tried the Mexican food here? It’s so authentic.” Shut up, Becky. Everyone knows about avocados now. It’s not some secret fruit that only foodies know about.


Image source: pittypaterson, Wendy Wei

Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. Fight me.


Image source: deathbrusher, pascal claivaz

Ribs. It was originally discarded as waste, then we discovered BBQ sauce. Now they’re more than steak.


Image source: Happy-Personality-23, Jill Wellington

Overly fancy cakes. Like ones that are realistic pigeons or some other stupid confection. It’s a cake it’s going to taste like a cake and come out the same as any cake. No one needs to spend hundreds on a cake.

Also wedding cakes are overpriced and taste like s**t. Top tip if you are getting married don’t tell the cake folk that. Just ask for a cake you say the word wedding a big standard cake suddenly is 50 times the price for no other reason than to over charge.


Image source: monkeybrains4311, Maria Charizani

Edamame. It’s f*****g soy beans with salt. And i like it.


Image source: Pandaburn, Toa Heftiba

Lobster. I say this as a new englander, that s**t is overrated! I mean, it’s good. But it’s not *that* good, you know?


Image source: Rakna-Careilla, Polina Tankilevitch

The first time younger me tried some almond milk, I concluded:

“This is just a sad, sad substance that rich people drink.”

My opinion has changed since.


Image source: fivezero_ca, Barbara Glickler Notarile

Chilean sea bass. I love most fish, but this just has the most horrible after taste, like black cod also has. (Also, caught by trawler, so not great for the environment.).


Image source: rangerric24, Larry Hoffman

Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings are simply overpriced as hell.


Image source: Ok-Constant-3772, Mike Mozart

Anything from Panera Bread. I heard it described best a few years ago: “overpriced hospital food”.


Image source: lilifer13, Josh Sorenson

Airport food.

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