Someone Noticed This Woman Is Always Posing With The Same Paint Palette And Called Her Out

Published 5 years ago

Cristina Szeifert is a clinical psychologist, health coach, and motivational speaker who is pretty popular on social media. However, recently people noticed something funny about some of her photos.

Cristina likes to paint as is often posing in front of her paintings. The thing that caught some peoples’ eyes was her paint palette – they noticed it stayed absolutely the same in every picture she took, making fans doubt whether it was actually her that painted the paintings.

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People on the internet recently noticed something odd about Cristina Szeifert’s paint palette – it always seems to stay the same


Image credits: cristinaszeifert


Image credits: cristinaszeifert


Image credits: cristinaszeifert

After someone pointed this out on Reddit, people instantly started doubting whether she painted the paintings herself

Image credits: Zannrael

The woman received more critique in the comments

However, some people tried being the voices of reason

Upon hearing about the photos being spread around, Cristina tried explaining herself

In an interview with Bored Panda, the woman said she was a bit shocked about this ridiculous situation and gave the following explanation:

“I have been an artist ever since I was a small child, graduated art school, and it remained a passion over the years. After art school, I attended university for psychology, opened my first business at the very early age of 22, and start modeling at a high level in Italy. Over time, I restarted my passion for painting, especially in the last year. After I finished a painting, I would post the final result on my Instagram page. I like to photograph myself looking perfect so obviously, the pictures with my paintings are done with clean clothes and with my make-up done. I have beauty businesses and am a model for many women, so this is the reason I like to have a good image on social media. I painted a lot in my early years, ages 18-20 and was even an art teacher for kids from an orphanage in Romania (for free, of course). I posted my art pictures to try to motivate people to follow their dreams and not to abandon their passions as I did. I never expected that people could be so irritated because of my clean look. The palette [in the photos] was probably used as an accessory in a few pictures, and I use an acrylic paint that is washable so it looks similar in many pictures. I paint as often as I have time for. I have a busy life but I like to create things and painting is relaxing for me. I am proud to paint and I will keep this passion for the rest of my life.”

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