40 Photos That Aptly Show The Struggle Of Raising Kids

Published 2 weeks ago

Sometimes we find our kids doing such bizarre things that we have to wonder how they even managed such a feat. It’s incredible what a lot of damage a little child can inflict within a short period. Hence why any parent starts to panic when their child has been silent for too long

But at the same time, whether it’s dealing with vandalism, scratches, dents or stuck kids, children certainly do make life more interesting. Scroll below for an entertaining collection of photos of kids just being kids but that probably ended up giving their parents quite a bad day. 

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#1 I Lost My Aldi’s Quarter. Luckily My 4-Year-Old Found It And Is Keeping It In A Safe Place

Image source: Responsible-Jacket72

#2 The Result Of The Kids Brushing Their Teeth. Apparently There Was Some Roughhousing And My Youngest Escaped Into The Safety Of The Shower Behind The Glass Door. They Found A Way In

Image source: GutFeelingonTheLong

#3 Surprised My Daughter With A Fishing Trip. It Lasted 15 Minutes

Image source: robrit00

#4 She Drank A Worm

Image source: chocobunniie

#5 This Is Pure Torture And They’re Just Feeling It

Image source: intohishead

#6 10-Year-Old Son Broke A Double-Pane Window With A Ping-Pong Shot

Image source: JR_LikeOnTheTVshow

#7 Chaotic And Messy

Image source: x.com

#8 Finally Found My Missing AirPods! It Turns Out My 4-Year-Old Daughter Got Ahold Of Them And Put Them In The Toaster

Image source: mjclyde

#9 Got Bit By A 3-Year-Old

Image source: TrashDaddyBaby

#10 Don’t Bring Your Kids When Shopping For A Phone

Image source: pkmnTrainer_axl

#11 My Kid Bit My Washing Machine, And Now It Leaks

Image source: spliffany

#12 He Wants Something To Make His Hair Grow Back Before School Tomorrow. Triplets And Beard Shavers Don’t Mix. The triplet boys found their older brother’s beard razor and decided to see what would happen. Chaos and calamity ensue.

Image source: DeadpoolIsMyPatronus

#13 I Just Found My Son In The Bathroom Like This. “Like Sonic!” No Words. Yes, It’s Hair Dye

Image source: carypo

#14 Daughter Stole My Keyboard To Play Minecraft And Left A Replacement

Image source: dckesler

#15 Tore The House Apart For Over An Hour, Had Enough, And Went To Make My Son Breakfast

Image source: Sinfire420

#16 Thanks Kids, I Really Appreciate It

Image source: Organic_Wrongdoer830

#17 My 3-Year-Old Son Decided To Microwave Our 3DS

Image source: h3llt0y0

#18 Spent A Pretty Penny Going To The Aquarium. This Was The Fish My Son Was Most Interested In

Image source: EfficientInitial0

#19 PS5 In For HDMI Replacement. Kid Said “I Pushed The Cable In A Little Too Hard”

Image source: cdq1985

#20 My Friend’s Kid Did This To Their Pantry

Image source: nerdy_J

#21 You Hated That Planter Anyway

Image source: FauxToys

#22 My Son Vandalized Our Bathroom And Blamed It On A Monster

Image source: evang_0628

#23 My 6-Year-Old Swung On The Gate Once

Image source: Im_not_batman_you_R

#24 At Least No Carpet Damage

Image source: annie_hartnett

#25 Got My PS5 Less Than 24 Hours Ago. I Love Having Kids

Image source: BackAlleyKittens

#26 Looked Out The Window To See A Squirrel Taking One Of The Easter Eggs I Had Hidden For My Kids

Image source: j1002s

#27 Pulled Up To My Local Bar

Image source: hernkate

#28 A Large Coffee With A Shot Of Crayola, Please

Image source: MrTerrificPants

#29 Left My Teenage Son With The Pizza

Image source: MrPWhitham

#30 Sometimes The Simplest Answer Is The Correct One

Image source: daftari, daftari

#31 It Was Too Quiet. Thankfully, It Was Cornstarch This Time. Last Time, It Was A Pound Of Butter

Image source: bonniebelle29

#32 My Daughter Found The Sharpie In My Car. RIP Resale Value

Image source: Crux1836

#33 Digging Through The Car For Change To Buy Gas

Image source: Pipacakes

#34 4-Year-Old Put Cupcakes In My Dress Shoes

Image source: reddit.com

#35 Grandparents Bought This Terrifying Doll For My Daughter. Now My Wife Has To Suffer The Consequences

Image source: houstonwhaproblem

#36 I Asked My Son To Put The Drinks In The Fridge

Image source: ablairo

#37 Kids Took Off With My Hair Brush. Later On, I Found It Like This

Image source: reddit.com

#38 All Day My 45-Year-Old Husband And 12-Year-Old Son Have Been Playing “Last Hit” (Hit Each Other And Run). I’ve Begged Them To Stop, Or At Least Go Outside. The kid tripped on the stairs and ran into the wall. We have company coming tomorrow.

Image source: reddit.com

#39 Daughter Left The Garden Hose Running Outside All Night And It Managed To Flood My Basement

Image source: Elden_Sage

#40 Work Of Art

Image source: MajorNUKKE

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