People Revealed 25 Baby Names That “Immediately Make You Lose All Respect For The Parents” In This Online Thread

Published 2 years ago

Do you really want to name your baby Caitlyn? That’s SO boring and SO 1980s! You should go for Caetlin, or even better, Kaightlynne instead! It’s more funky and extra, ya know? Okay, I’ll stop satirizing before I get too carried away. But on a serious note, what’s with all the weird baby names these days?

Someone on Reddit asked, “What baby name immediately makes you lose all respect for the parents and why?” Well, it turns out that quite a few people are a little concerned about the bizarre baby name fad. Have you ever come across someone named D**k Semen? Well, one Redditor did. Scroll below to read what unusual first and full names fellow Redditors have encountered.

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Image source: Maar7en, Layton Diament

Strap in and prepare for rough seas!

My mom is a midwife and one day she came home with what she thought was the epitome of dumb names.

These parents had just gotten back from a trip to the states, where they had visited a dock to look at boats, and one of those beautiful boats had an even more beautiful and exotic name, they wanted to name their baby daughter after this boat.


My mom is a saint for not laughing.


Image source: microjew2, Alexis Mora Angulo

I lose respect for parents who give their kids first names that when added to their given last names become horrible. The parents don’t even care that their kid has to live with it. Two real examples I’ve come across are Richard Sieman (The guy’s name is D**k Semen, for f***s sake.) And even worse, Desire Cox.


Image source: anon, Diomari Madulara

Abcde (pronounced Ab-city).


Image source: jackiekackie, Javier Morales

I used to write on cakes, the worst name I ever saw was “Tuba Poo”. I asked if it was a nickname, it was not. It’s been like 6 years and it still haunts me. Her mother’s name was Natalie, why Natalie? Why?


Image source: IAmDrinkingIcedTea, Wade Austin Ellis

I was on a little league baseball team with these two brothers named Doer and Achiever.

Talk about pressure to perform, those parents had expectations.


Image source: Violetlemonbug, Tim Mossholder

Not so much a specific name, but gross butcherings of names. Ie. Kaightlynne instead of Caitlyn.


Image source: domcobbstotem

Baby. As in the Dirty Dancing lead female. Because nobody in the professional world is going to want their name to be Baby.


Image source: Jtco235, OSPAN ALI


Supposedly pronounced “Honesty” but all I’ll ever see is “Oh Nasty!”


Image source: DarthGandhi, ILO Asia-Pacific

One time when I was working at a motel, I took a reservation over the phone from a woman for her daughter:

Woman: Her name is Sri Lanka, S R I space L A N K A…

Me: Oh, you mean like the country!

Woman: Whaddaya mean, country?!?


Image source: luc122c, Christian Bowen

So my Wife was giving birth to our first Son and the midwife asked if we’d chosen a name yet. We said yes and told her ‘Seth’. She replied “Oh thank goodness, a normal name! The last woman in here named her child Precious Bunny!”


Image source: FaithHopePixiedust, Daiga Ellaby

A co-worker has a friend who named her daughters Vengeance and Violence.


Image source: formerexpatintheus, Nathan Dumlao

MyLuv (yes, I have met a kid named this). That poor kid is probably not going to be successful, unless they change their name later on.


Image source: Tiny_Parfait, Kazuo ota

One little girl got her name legally changed in court, because her parents named her Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.


Image source: anon, Matheus Ferrero

The overly matchy names to the point of ridiculousness. My top example is a set of brothers named Romance, Romantic, and Romeo.


Image source: Cocoleia, Sigmund

Saw a fun name on the attendance sheet (so this is official) of one of my classes: Daddyboi


Image source: TheWaiterDebator, Gabriel Tovar

Someone I know is a nurse in the ER so they’ve delivered quite a few babies. But one day they said that one set of parents decided to name their kid Ssss. You pronounce Ssss, Forest.


Image source: djbadname13, Katarzyna Grabowska

I knew three sisters names -Autumn-Breeze, Summer-Skye and April-Rain.

Bonus addition one of them had a kid and named it Gidget.

Edit for those wondering: This is in Eastern Canada.


Image source: rxsheepxr, Rodrigo Curi

I went to high school with a one “Crystal Shanda Lear.”

This was back before dumb names were the rage. She would have been named that in, say, 81-82. Poor girl. I don’t know that I lost respect for the parents so much as felt bad for her to be saddled with that s**t.


Image source: Sebaren, Zhivko Minkov

Back when I worked with children, I met a young lass named Younique. I felt sorry for her. She was only 4-5 at the time, and the moment she entered school, she began to hate it because the other children thought that it was silly and wouldn’t play with her. Eventually, the dad of another child said that it was a bad name *to her face.* Seriously. Don’t do things like this to your children. They aren’t pets. They’ll have to deal with the repercussions of your bad naming choices.


Image source: el_pobbster

Any name based on a popular TV series or movie. Like, if I see your daughter is named Khaleesi, I think significantly less of you as a person.


Image source: DrPrankz, Sincerely Media

Kash. It isn’t the worst name in the world but the fact his second name was ‘Ransom’, made it a whole lot worse.

Kash Ransom.


Image source: Back2Bach, Donnie Ray Jones

Prancer and Vixen for babies born during the Christmas season.


Image source: Hysteria878

I was once checking in a customer for service.


And she was very proud of it.


Image source: kemje



Image source: mindless_blaze,

You know the Duggar family (19 Kids and Counting)? One of their daughters named their son Spurgeon. SPURGEON.

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