20 People Online Disclose Their Expired NDA Contents

Published 2 years ago

When we enter a job, we’re asked to sign some non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Well, by the name itself, you agree that you will not disclose any vital information about how the company runs. Overall, an NDA serves to protect the interests of the company and its clients.

Some NDAs don’t expire, while some do after a few years. Some of those whose NDAs expired participated in several r/AskReddit threads to reveal what they were not allowed to disclose before. Below, we compiled 20 of the most intriguing revelations former employees uncovered in the subreddit.

We have covered some NDA revelations before, you can check them out here.

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Your phone company doesn’t always comply with FCC regulations involving the recording of phone calls. A lot more may be recorded and insecurely stored than you realize.


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You know those Jackbox party games? They have a database full of about a hundred jackbox games that were pitched but not used, since rejected games often get featured in later party packs.

Notably, one of those jackbox games is called Poop Cake. Won’t detail how it works in case it does get released, but there is a rejected jackbox game called Poop Cake that exists and is officially documented for potential future use.


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I signed an NDA for a prominent American show where they take a certain type of business on the brink of failure and “transform it” to save the business. When the producers of the show found out my wife and I both worked there, they tried to fish through our relationship for tv drama. When they found out we have a solid relationship, they tried to convince us to fake our drama with scripted conflict.

Long story short, we got fed up and quit during shooting. We were cut from the show. Oh well.


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1) YouTube is the most unethical platform on earth.
If you are a high value account, most of the policies of YouTube won’t touch you. For example, there was a Brazilian kid twerking, with his small sister that was dressed very provocatively. Normally YouTube would take down this video for “minor sexualisation” but because the account had some millions of followers, not only it remained live on the platform, but also had a safety net, in case a “stupid” agent tried to take it down.

2) everyday there are thousands upon thousands of very horrible videos being uploaded on YouTube, and it’s up to a human being to go through them and take an action.
As you can understand, a lot of agents develop depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental problems due to the nature of the videos they are watching


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I have been apart of a focus group program for over 10 years now. It’s mostly opinion chat sessions but there were occasional times where I would test or try out some new product that I’d have to sign an NDA for.

You remember when HP started that line of mini laptops?

Yup. Beta tested those.

Some other things now on the market I’ve tested before release were: Gillettes Fusion, Facebook Dating, Xbox Project X Cloud!

And yes they pay wonderfully.


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From a secondary source, but trustworthy

John travolta is gay. His partner was sick in the hospital, he came to visit him many times, whole floor was emptied and everyone in the floor had to sign an nda

But yeah, those rumors are true. Weird how they started way back then


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I work for a moving company and we work with a women’s shelter often enough. Typically women escaping abuse will have the shelter hire us to go in and get their belongings (sometimes with police company) and all the movers sign NDA’s to protect the women from letting their new addresses slip. I can’t disclose anything that interesting but I want to take the opportunity to say, those people who jump at the slightest sound, the littlest surprise, be nice to them because you don’t know whether they are just jumpy naturally or if there’s a reason they are like that now.


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Used to be an au pair for a famous couples children. NDA was there to protect the family – I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the kids on any of my devices, the photos i did take were not allowed to include their faces and the rest were just general rules about not sharing their private information. Even to this day i won’t sell that information even though the NDA has expired, probably some of the nicest people i have ever worked for.


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Amazon is probably here but I’m saying it anyway.

The reason why people p**s in bottles is that they are fighting against TOT(time off task). If in a week you accumulate a combined total of 15 minutes of non working, not break away from your station you a reprimanded or more likely fired. So walking away to pee, TOT. Slightly late to station due to high foot traffic, ToT. Stop at you station for a breather because it’s hot, your tired or sick, TOT.

The above plus the strict metrics and constant oversight of the lead staff makes working there feel like you are a machine.

It reminds me of film representations from the twenties about the the sadness of the futures poor.


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I walked in on my boss having sex with another employee on the table in his office. He was married and it was a family owned business so his boss was also his mom. After he offered to promote me and give me a few raises to be quiet, his mom ended up offering me money to leave and not say anything. I took it and left. All my friends think I just found a better job.


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There are powerline transformers that predate ww1 still up and running in the US and the utility companies aren’t a 100% sure where most of them are. They only find out when one finally dies.

Someone over 100 years ago put up a transform that powered telegrams all the way to Twitter.


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Not my own but from a family friend.

Coca Cola and Pepsi regularily settle disputes behind closed doors on things like employees trying to quit and join the competitor. Their employment contracts have entire clauses stating you cannot be employed by the competing companies even after you quit so to protect company intel and confidentiality.

For example, a Coca Cola employee feels like he is being mistreated by the company so he quits and tries to work for Pepsi. So Pepsis legal team will inform Coca Cola as soon as they find out and Coca Cola will sue the guy for breach of contract and in return Pepsi will pay them. This is done so Pepsi and Coca Cola dont sue each others into bankrupcy for breach of laws regarding industrial competition and market regulations.

Basically a peace treaty of sorts.


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When I was tech before I was a vet, I worked in a lab that mostly tested animal meds on animals. Flea products, heartworm meds, etc.

We had one product in testing for human medication though, which was an injection that supposedly was going to shorten the need to wear retainers after having braces.

Of course, to test that, we needed animals that had worn braces long enough to replicate the changes that happen to human mouths that have had braces.

What I’m getting at, was that some days it was my job to brush the mouths of like 50 beagles that all had braces and make sure the wires and brackets were in place and not causing any trauma to the lips or gingiva.

The image of dozens of goofy little dogs clack clack clacking around me in circles around the lab super excited to see me, doing their ridiculous beagle howls and flashing their braces as they did so will never leave my brain.


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I worked for a mall pretzel stand about 25 years ago and had to sign an NDA about the secret pretzel ingredient. It was baking soda.


The outcomes of quite a few reality shows I directed, were rigged.

Source: Yosemite_Sam9099


Netflix has created a group of AI that will essentially be like the Skynet of streaming media.

It can predict with crazy accuracy what you’ll click on based on not only your previous views and clicks, but the time of year it is in your location, the WEATHER going on outside your window and the kinds of movies you like to watch when it’s raining or snowing. it figures out your likely holidays celebrated, your favorite colors, typefaces, and genres. This leads into the marketing AI.

They have created an AI driven software that creates movie posters and promotional art for a film or show appear to be whatever genre they want. For instance, it’ll create artwork for an action movie that makes the movie look like a rom com if you’re into rom come and not actions. It’s literally an automated super smart photoshop like computer just for film/tv artwork.

Source: Scooch100t


I used to work in a call center that had Bayer Advanced (yes, THAT Bayer) as a client. Bayer knew/knows full well that their neonicotinoid based pesticide/gardening products killed bees and were responsible for colony collapse. We were instructed to bold face deny and/or lie to the customer or caller if we were ever asked about it. We were also instructed to lie about the spray nozzles on the bottles. Bayer knew they sucked a*s and were almost always completely DOA defective, but they refused to admit it and decided it was cheaper to just keep mailing replacement nozzles.

Source: wizardswrath00


I was part of the beta testing for DC universe online. I remember a few missions that were voiced probably just by developers, before they hired the voice actors to do it. I wish I had saved footage of it but there was one where Supergirl was clearly voiced by a man doing a high-pitched falsetto voice. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Source: DrumBxyThing


I worked security for a gated neighborhood of extremely wealthy people. Like, fortune 500 CEO, Senator(s) (sometimes both), etc.

We got to know which cars were “authorized” without being authorized. Because we weren’t allowed to stop them, question them, or log them in in any way.

Because they were coke dealers selling to the elite.

Source: Emperor_Cartagia


I was a science themed kids birthday party magician. I had to sign an NDA and non-compete in order to be taught the experiments that I performed during the show. They’re cool demos, I could even wow adults with some of them, but they’re not that special, I guarantee you that I could find the experiments themselves on the internet or in a homeschool textbook (the flair and the showy part was all me). But all of us “magicians” were college students, so the NDA and noncompete were there to intimidate us a bit. The non-compete was important, the owner didn’t want us stealing the experiments and create a competing company, but the NDA was just saber-rattling to keep us compliant with the NC. It was worth it, he paid us well and the tips were usually pretty good.

But the NDA and the NC expired a decade ago, so if you want, I can spill the secrets!

Source: rbaltimore

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