20 People In This Online Group Are Sharing Instances Of “Delicious Compliance”

Published 2 years ago

When it comes to food, it’s difficult to find the perfect dish that suits your taste. But sometimes, you’re in luck and get exactly what you want. It’s rare but it happens!

There is a subreddit called “Delicious Compliance” where people share wholesome photos of foods that were made exactly as per their taste. Check out some of their best pics in the gallery below.

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#1 Special Instructions: “I’d Like Enough Red Pepper Flakes To Kill A Donkey Please”

Image source: dame_de_boeuf

#2 I’m Visibly Pregnant And Was Craving Falafel. I Asked For All The Pickled Turnip/Pickles. Shwarma Joint Delivered!

Image source: Edna_Krabappelous

#3 This Made My Day

Image source: iwant2beyourdog

#4 Mod Pizza: Asked For As Much Cheese As They Can Legally Give!

Image source: AmatureMD

#5 Well Ok Then

Image source: RustyMK1

#6 Customer Asked For “A Very Generous Amount Of Olives ” He Did Not Go Home Displeased

Image source: the_tech_guy1452

#7 I Asked For Lots And Lots Of Cream Cheese Icing On My Cinnamon Buns

Image source: willowthemanx

#8 They Got Exactly What They Asked For

Image source: Lonely_Boii_

#9 My Coworkers Were Meeting Up For Lunch For The First Time And I’m Sick At Home With Covid. I Asked My Teammate To Drop Off Something From The Restaurant. Boy Did He Comply. Banana For Scale

Image source: jlmcdon2

#10 Went On A Disney Cruise And Was Asked What I Want For Dessert. I Said “Nothing”

Image source: Sayomi_Koneko

#11 “Extra Cherries Please, I’m Sad”

Image source: YourMostFavoriteNPC

#12 Today I Was On A 2 1/2 Hour Flight So We Were Only Served An Egg Salad Sandwich And A Brownie Later On. I Really Liked The Sandwich And Asked The Flight Attended For Another One, Not Only Did She Give Me 2 Sandwiches But Also 2 Brownies! I Hope Everyone Has A Nice Day!

Image source: dionysxs

#13 I Am A Menace To Society. My Dumb Pregnancy Brain Accidentally Ordered My Husband A Burrito With No Tortilla

Image source: Kordidk

#14 Would You Like A Side Of Pizza With Your Pepperoni?

Image source: rztan

#15 The Cook Asked If I Wanted A Little Extra Tater Tots

Image source: Ixz72

#16 Thanks, I Love Ice Cream Hamburger

Image source: AlphaO4

#17 My Daughter Wanted Ham & Pineapple On Her Cheeseburger Sub. Pineapple Wasn’t Listed As Add-On. Made Special Request & Offered To Pay Extra. They Added Pineapple At No Charge. They Got Tipped Extra For This

Image source: SkyrimWidow

#18 My Friend Ordered A Chip Butty At A Pub And This Is What They Got

Image source: Ah_nice

#19 I Asked For One Extra Fortune Cookie

Image source: daaa-aaad

#20 I Told My BF I’m Only Into Caesar Salad For The Toppings… He Hooked Me Up!! I Actually Had To Remove Some Of It Lol

Image source: LilNightingale

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