People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Quarantine Going Terribly (40 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

If you’re lying in a food coma after eating your third Hot Pocket of the day and thinking your quarantine couldn’t get any worse, think again. There are plenty of ways it could go much worse.

People are sharing photos of the worst things that happened to them during the quarantine and they will make you realize that maybe you’re not doing so bad after all. Falling trees, exploding printers, and all sorts of cooking disasters – see the worst things that happened to people during the quarantine in the gallery below! And if you want more, check out our previous post here!

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#1 This Was On My Friend’s Local News. I Laughed So Hard

Image source: RocksOnReddit92

#2 Spider Cat

Image source: alyson.swanke

#3 I Am Mortified!

Image source: deidrapiedra

My husband had a conference call today. It was minimized so I thought it was just a speakerphone call. It wasn’t.

He didn’t have any idea because he was focused on his work.

I was wandering around in a sleepy stupor to and from the bathroom. They saw.

One of them said, “hey, I just saw your wife’s boobs!”

Once I realized what was happening, I grabbed a baby blanket and tried to crawl away, which they apparently could see as well, and I could hear them all laughing. My husband couldn’t even breathe he was laughing so hard.

I was pretty embarrassed. More embarrassed when I found out the hospital chaplain was on the call. I can only hope I made someone’s day.

#4 Guess Whose Patient Has Been Diagnosed Positive And Now The Night Shift Doesn’t Want To Come, So I Have 12 More Hours Ahead

Image source: venda321

#5 Thanks For Ruining My Breakfast

Image source: Alexandru84

#6 When You Think You’re Being Discreet Buying Adult Toys Online

Image source: GroundbreakingCat

#7 Classic Quarantine Haircut

Image source: ben_rosen

#8 Both Cars Crashed Into Each Other Today In New Belgrade

Image source: Porodicnostablo

#9 I Tried To Bake My Daughter A Birthday Cake But I Made A Butthole Instead

Image source: Lillies4Lilly

#10 The Printer Exploded

Image source: joshdyson

#11 A Pipe Broke Upstairs

Image source: thepinkfluffy1211

#12 As If COVID-19 And Losing Our Jobs Weren’t Bad Enough, We Just Lost Both Cars To A Tree

Image source: JTTHEWOLF

#13 My 4 Year Old Nephew About Killed Me Last Night At 2 Am. He Moved His Child Sized Storm Trooper Into The Hall Next To The Bathroom

Image source: Herosnap

#1 4Washed My Favorite Jumper

Image source: KarenFromAccounts

#15 My Kids Waiting For The Bus Today. Happy April Fools’ Day

Image source: goblu33

#16 My Only Computer Dies Just When The Country Goes Into Lockdown And Uni Puts Everything Online. Also, The Warranty Just Expired Last Month

Image source: ZaydMenk

#17 I Installed My Own Microwave Today And Saved $150 In Install Fees

Image source: zingusdingus

#18 Try Not To Sneeze When Using An Eyelash Curler

Image source: ydw1988913

#19 Damn Cats

Image source: Stuey1221

#20 Doggy Had An Accident. Roomba Found It

Image source: saranndwyer

#21 Wanted To Start My Day With A Big Coffee. The Splat Even Has A Face

Image source: supergush

#22 Quarantine Is Going Well In My Neighborhood

Image source: furrygreencurry

#23 Hiked Two Hours To Set Up A Picnic, Returned To This

Image source: Jaminator97

#24 Now We Know Who The Favourite Child Is

Image source: mankind3400

#25 Supposed To Be My Bachelor Party Today. Now It’s A Party For 1. It Might Feel Odd Later When I Strip For Myself

Image source: Dr_Phan_Tastic

#26 Apparently My Extroverted Neighbours Are Not Doing Well On Day 24 Of Quarantine

Image source: sturgeon467

#27 For God’s Sake

Image source: KoronaSenpai

#28 Strawberry And Gratis Snake ?

Image source: shadowmoonn

#29 My House After I Went To Buy Some Fruits

Image source: EfexSupreme-75

#30 Got Two Identical Pieces And The One I Need Is Missing

Image source: bitklavs

#31 So Today’s Supposed To Be The Best Day Of My Life. Now I’m Just Going To Have To Settle For The Next Best Option

Image source: patriotsfan23

#32 I Burnt My Hand Taking Tomato Soup Out Of The Microwave. The Toast I Was Making Popped Up And It Scared Me

Image source: missouriprincess

#33 Spent Months Creating And Printing A Card Game That Requires Bodily Contact, Just In Time For My Shipment To Arrive Mid-Quarantine

Image source: SoDakZak

#34 When Your April Fools’ Prank Is To Replace All The Mugs In The Office, But Everyone Works From Home Now

Image source: DammitJames

#35 Poor Kid

Image source: yourpantsaretoobig

#36 First Day Of Quarantine And My Shower Decided To Fall Apart

Image source: zorixxe

#37 A Gallon Jar Of Honey Cracked And Spilled In My Friend’s Car The Other Day

Image source: harrietpa

#38 Hello, The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Image source: hayabusabjj

#39 Picked Up Dinner From A Local Restaurant. Sauce Leaked, Bag Broke, Dinner Said Hello To The Garage Floor

Image source: eager_sleeper

#40 Wedding Was Cancelled Due To COVID-19. I’ve Been On Hold With Capital One Travel For 7 Hours Trying To Cancel Honeymoon Hotel

Image source: c4key

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