30 Times People Nailed Their Bathroom Décor

Published 2 years ago

It’s always the living room, bedroom, and kitchen that get the most thought-out designs and elaborate decorative pieces. While for the restroom, “you can have this soap dispenser, that should do.” But bathrooms need love too! Sometimes adding just one decorative piece can make all the difference.

While simple modernism still rules in many households, some people opt to ditch minimalism and turn their bathroom into a unique and creative space in the house. Below are some examples of people who let their inner Picasso shine and gave their bathrooms an upgrade and bedazzle. Take a look!

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#1 My Husband And I Discovered You Can Get Photo Shower Curtains

Image source: Elatedonion

#2 This Pub Had A Creative Way To ‘Fix’ The Bathroom Door

Image source: IIIIRadsIIII

#3 The Bathroom At This Restaurant Has No Mirror

Image source: Bearded_Mushrum

#4 My Friend’s Roommates’ New Shower Curtain

Image source: Pump-Fake

#5 This Is My Bathroom That Came With The House. Being A 35-Year-Old Man, Naturally The Answer To My Problem Was… Hello Kitty

Image source: MitchDLG

#6 My Very Talented Friend Made This On His Bathroom Floor

Image source: themonkeysawandthemonkeydid

#7 A Window Hidden Behind The Bathroom Mirror

Image source: lextexmexx

#8 This Zoo Has A Complimentary Sunscreen Dispenser In The Bathroom

Image source: hotdee7

#9 Saw This In An Optician’s Bathroom

Image source: Dubrider

#10 You Can Color In My Friend’s Bathroom

Image source: deliveryboy2999

#11 I Heard Someone Yelling In The Bathroom. I Think I May Have Found The Source

Image source: Wababro

#12 This Bathroom Door Handle Has A Built-In Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Image source: Whippity

#13 This Painted Sink That I Saw In The Bathroom Of A Restaurant

Image source: yellowjenga

#14 First Thing You See When You Walk Into Bathroom At One Of My Customer’s House. Doesn’t Matter How Many Times I See It, Gets Me Every Single Time

Image source: HERMANNATOR85

#15 Our Hotel Balcony Has A Working Bathtub

Image source: megfaithash

#16 Was Cleaning My Mom’s Bathroom And Realized That This Jar That’s Been Sitting There For 15 Years Is Not Filled With Sea Shells. It’s Filled With Pasta Shells

Image source: saidiecat

#17 Just Great

Image source: Ri-RiY

#18 I Bought This Holographic Portrait, And Hung It Up Next To My Bathroom Mirror

Image source: lil_gingerale

#19 This Bathroom Is Full Of Photoshopped Pictures Of Mr. Bean

Image source: lafshdctid

#20 So My Daughter Did This To Her Shower. She’s Sort Of Into Chemistry

Image source: ReasonablyConfused

#21 You May Want To Give An Energetic Tone To Your Bath With This Glowing Plutonium Soap

#22 The Shower In My Hotel Has A Little Cutout So You Can Turn It On Before Getting In

Image source: IBeBobbyBoulders

#23 Never Drop A Book On The Bath Again. My 8-Year-Old Daughter’s Invention

Image source: crash-from-space

#24 My Husband Built The Shower & We Added Octopus From Lots Of Stones We Had Lying Around. We Did Purchase Some Of The Tiles Too

Image source: a_aphrodisia

#25 The Mirror In My Hotel In Japan Has A Heated Part That Won’t Steam Up After A Shower

Image source: mdengler10

#26 This McDonald’s Have This Sticker On Their Bathroom Mirrors

Image source: UguetQ

#27 My Grandparents Have A Diorama Of A Bathroom On Their Bathroom Wall

Image source: jack-oh-lantern

#28 The Nurse, During My Annual Wellness Check, Suggested At My Age I Should Have A Bar In The Shower. So I Took Her Advice

Image source: aktivate74

#29 The Exposed Plumbing Of This Bathroom (And Yes, All The Gauges Work)

Image source: RAGSAMUFFIN

#30 Bathroom At My Dentist Has A Picture Of The Bathroom At My Dentist Hanging On The Wall

Image source: pinkholey

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