30 People Who Tried To Flex Their Intelligence But Ended Up Looking Like Idiots

Published 5 years ago

When separates smart people from those who think they’re smart, is the fact that they don’t go around boasting about their intelligence. After all, even Stephen Hawking is quoted saying “People who boast about their I.Q. are losers.” However, that clearly doesn’t stop some self-proclaimed “geniuses” from trying to “flex” their intelligence – and that often ends with them looking like complete pretentious idiots.

From correcting others’ grammar while barely making a coherent sentence themselves to turning up Thesaurus to eleven, check out the people who tried appearing smart but failed miserably in the gallery below!

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#1 You Tried, Breana….

Image source: DumbassJ

#2 I Am More Faster Than Your Calculator

Image source: charles_the_average

#3 Spot The Difference, Neil

Image source: neiltyson

#4 I Guess He Just Doesn’t Like The Word

Image source: TimAllenAMA

#5 Poor Mongolians Who Don’t Know Of Other Languages

Image source: TheBizzareKing

#6 How Was I Even Supposed To Respond To This?

Image source: Alerdy

#7 What Did You Do Today? ??

Image source: Dipyaman

#8 This Guy Plays Chess

Image source: TheCapedCrusader27

#9 Because Using Widely Known Abbreviations To Save Time Or Make A Comment Shorter Makes You A Semiliterate Neanderthal

Image source: reddit.com

#10 Smartass Thinks That None Knows What Water Is

Image source: sadness_n_sorrow

#11 Wise Man

Image source: JapanDoesntExist

#12 Looks Like He Can’t Self-Diagnose Narcissism

Image source: Edduruk

#13 Insecurity

Image source: turbocoaster

#14 Only Us Thinkers Would Understand

Image source: Fleeling

#15 How Can Someone Act So Smart And Yet Be So Dumb

Image source: Sklts

#16 Forgot This Goldmine Courtesy Of My Best Friend

Image source: Boosted3232

#17 Wait Till This Guy Finds Out About Dolphins

Image source: reddit.com

#18 Only Common People Get Excited For Things Like The Eclipse – Neil Degrasse Tyson Edition

Image source: lregaloni

#19 God Can’t Help Your Iq

Image source: slugger35

#20 A True Ancient Greek Kid

Image source: vvredhead

#21 It’s Only 10 Am

Image source: reddit.com

#22 I Texted All Of My Contacts: “Happy New Year!”

Image source: pseudo_potatoes

#23 The President

Image source: krasnovian

#24 I’m Not The One Being Dumb Right ?

Image source: Morktorknak

#25 Dry Wit

Image source: YadMot

#26 When You Understand Chemistry Jokes Even Though It’s Not Your Field.

Image source: bramblehead

#27 Setup An Old Army Buddy With A Girl I Knew. She Messaged Me After Their Date Saying He Kept Trying To Flex His Inteligence. Guess I Made A Mistake Thinking They Would Be A Good Match

Image source: WiFiPunk

#28 You Peasants

Image source: Johnofthesnow

#29 An Intellectual On Stephen Hawking’s Death

Image source: StacksOfWood

#30 No Time For Culture Dr. Jones

Image source: StrongbowPowers

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