40 Photos Proving That Sometimes Genes Like To Hit Copy-Paste

Published 4 years ago

If you ever wondered why you look nothing like your parents, you might want to check out some pics of your grandparents – you might be surprised. Genetics are a pretty funny thing – sometimes they just like to skip a whole generation only to appear in full bloom in the next one. Just ask Twitter user Shelby Contra – the woman recently shared side-by-side pictures of herself and her grandmother, and the two look practically identical! Her tweet quickly went viral, receiving almost 555k likes, and soon enough more people responded with their own comparison photos – check them out in the gallery below!

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Image source: contrashelby


Image source:  AngryBusinessman

A friend of mine took this picture at a clinic. Rare condition from mother to daughter.


Image source: Bell_Ashley666

My friend’s newborn baby was born with the same birthmark in her hair as her mother.


Image source: obliviuh


Image source: theUSofErica


Image source: LarraineTeresa


Image source: ChewyPickle

My brother-in-law got a thumb from each parent.


Image source: zoeck014

I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow. It’s a portrait of my great great grandfather on the left, my dad also has the gap as well. It doesn’t always show, I guess because my eyebrows are kinda unruly and curly so sometimes the gap is covered, I also sometimes fill them especially because I’ve had people ask if I shaved the gap to be “cool”.


Image source: eagleeyerattlesnake

My daughter and I have the same dimple in our foreheads.


Image source: AddyO_OLuyi


Image source: Booksoney

Like father like son. Love you pops.


Image source: cvtorres12


Image source: megawaveband


Image source: itsnomarys


Image source: tsiuq

Visual representation of genetics.


Image source: DB3TheOriginal


Image source: heischris


Image source: elglamping


Image source: ThaKiddJay__


Image source: TsarinaLala


Image source: rafikiiiii


Image source: lexieeWABO


Image source: TaeMinnieMarie


Image source: jojopotato30


Image source: DB3TheOriginal


Image source: RegiinaaGeorgee


Image source: latentexistence


Image source: itskristavp


Image source: egocorvum


Image source: _camz


Image source: CocoImanii


Image source: FlirtyNikka


Image source: adelinerines


Image source: momccauley


Image source: clownbutch


Image source: sydsketchaholic


Image source: soph_rodriguez4


Image source: jordarooski


Image source: CYMG17


Image source: zoeatkinsoon

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