20 Times People Used This Online Thread To Confess About Dark Things They Did With Zero Regrets

Published 2 years ago

No one really wants to do bad things or hurt people (unless they are full-blown psychopaths), but sometimes people have to act according to the circumstances. And sometimes, the circumstances demand people to do wrong things to set other things right. In that case, should one feel regret?

A Redditor recently asked “What is the darkest thing you have ever done and don’t regret?”, and many people shared their dark confessions in the thread. Scroll below to read some of those stories.

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Image source: Express_Evidence_23, Marcelo Leal

When my father was dying and in pain I was the one who told the doctors he had been through enough and we couldn’t see him suffer anymore. Doctor injected him with something, I assume a morphine mega dose and he passed peacefully moments after.
Euthanasia may not be legal in UK but compassionate doctors know what’s what. I don’t regret it because my pa made me promise I would have his back when he got sick or old. I’m sad he got sick and never got to get old.


Image source: cygnus_stars, Kari Shea

I worked at a vet clinic as a tech for a long time. A lady came in to put her husband’s cat to sleep (husband had the cat prior to the marriage.) She wanted to euthanize the cat because it “slept too much and was old”. The cat was old, but she was also perfectly healthy. Lady told us that if we didn’t put the cat down she’d find someone else who would. We said okay, we agree to put the cat down, charged her for euthanasia and for cremation (she didn’t want ashes back thankfully). Lady leaves and we don’t put the cat down. We keep her as a clinic cat and she lived several more years in good health and happiness before dying of old age. The vet would joke that the euthanasia and cremation costs were “adoption fees”. Anytime the lady would come back to the clinic we’d hide the cat in a back room and snicker the whole time.


Image source: darkoath, Andy Li

When I was 13 my very abusive and extremely drunken father was swinging at my dog trying to punch him. I kicked the old bastard down a flight of stairs breaking every rib on his left side, some twice and puncturing a lung. Then I went right back to watching Dukes of Hazzard.

About 5 hours later, my mom came home she asks where dad was, I told her he was laying on the basement floor. Why? He’s drunk, of course, he must of fell. She went down there and b**ched at him for about 20 minutes. But he was mostly unconscious. Then she called my uncle to come and help me carry him upstairs. My dog wouldn’t let my uncle anywhere near the old man despite their earlier altercation. So I had to carry him up by myself (I was a big kid). Anyone with even a tiny bit of first aid knowledge (me, from Scouts) would know not to do that. I had to sling him in a blanket over my shoulder Santa Claus style.

He then spent the next 4 days getting sober enough (not sober) to go to the hospital. There he was properly diagnosed and treated and his lung drained and reinflated. While he was able to smoke, yep, smoke right there in his hospital bed! they did not provide alcohol on the hospital menu. So he went into withdrawal. Delirium Tremors and all. Kept screaming “Get that gah dam HORSE off of my bed! How did that horse get in here?” Used to (in his mind) drive the bed around his old neighborhood like a Packard Motor Car and describe the sites to people. That lasted about a week.

Then, and I don’t know how this works, the doctors refused to release him from the hospital and moved him to the psych ward. He spent two months or so in there being treated for addiction.

During that time no children, dogs or wives were physically, mentally or emotionally abused at our house. Not once. For the first time in about 30 years.

Eventually he was discharged and much to everyone’s shock and utter disbelief…he never drank again! Or beat his wife. Or abused his children. His grandchildren absolutely worshipped him and competed for his favor. He was kind and generous and a great source of wisdom and humor for them. In time, they named their own sons after him and have his name tattooed on their flesh.

Ultimately he died of cancer. And when he did, I held him in my arms and looked him in the eyes so he wouldn’t be scared or die alone. I was his primary caregiver for the last 7 years of his life.

And I have Zero Regrets about my actions that day.


Image source: littlevivid, Marko Blažević

Paid £250 quid for a horse off an acquaintance that had been suffering from various ailments, been a bit neglected and couldn’t even lay down to sleep any more and then moved the horse to a different yard and had her quietly put down a few days later to end her suffering.


Image source: leserolith3

In middle school, there was this group of boys that would corner me in the hallway and try to scare me. I was the perfect target for these little bastards. I was short, skinny, and had (and still have) and anxiety disorder. One day I just had enough, and asked a friend if I could have an extra pencil, sharpened it as much as I could, and when I saw one of them in the hallway, I stabbed the f**k out of his leg. Sh**head got what he deserved.


Image source: operachick209, Cory Mogk

I called the police on my mom and had her submitted to a mental hospital and left her there.

She needed to know after everything my love WAS conditional and she needed to get her s**t together.

She didn’t, and I’m sure she hasn’t forgiven me since.


Image source: Donkey-Puncherr, Priscilla Du Preez

Turned a close friend into the fish and game. He would poach mountain lions and bears. His whole family would literally shoot them and leave them. He would brag about it. I couldn’t stand it and felt that I needed to stop him. He’s in prison and so is his uncle. I know I ruined his life but he was literally killing so many mountain lions and bears.


Image source: udntsay, Sven Brandsma

Got into a car accident and had to stay with my mom for a couple days to figure out what to do. Went back to my apartment (I had two roommates) and everything was missing from my room. Long story short one of my roommates had everything hidden in her room.

I called and told her the things were missing from my room and she came up with a lie that a couple girls came to look at my room (I was moving out bc of the accident, long story) and that they must have taken my things.

She had everything I owned. Including my grandmothers perfume bottles, stuffed to the back of her closet, under her bed, behind her dresser etc.

So I packed all of my stuff up. Then took a giant black garbage bag and stuffed as much of her closet in it as I could. Took it to the middle of nowhere, dug a hole and burnt it.

She called screaming at me that her stuff was missing. I told her the two girls must have come by and taken her stuff too.


Image source: gavion92, Dids

My football coach and history teacher screwed over my uncle, the assistant coach really bad. After that year I stopped playing football and started f*****g with my teacher/old coach.

The first thing I did was change words in his computer to type other words. I focused on all of the transition words first. Like the, and, it, etc. whenever he would type them it would change to some pretty gross things. This was about 14 years ago and I’ll never forget watching him freak out when the projector was up and he was trying to give a lesson.

The next thing I did is change the directory of all of his applications to a website that had three old dudes banging in the shower. It was gross as hell and the funny thing is whenever you tried to exit the page, it would move. It was a trolling site that you couldn’t get out of unless you hard shut down your computer.

Oh man, the good old days.


Image source: Pear_Jam2, Dids

Left my ex, knowing he would be homeless when I kicked him out. Grabbed up all of his things and dumped them at the store he was working at with his friends. Told him I never wanted to see him again, and left (and blocked him on all forms of social media) and I haven’t seen him since.


Image source: CarterS20884, Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

Had to make the choice to take my dad off of life support after he got Covid this year. He was sedated for a couple of weeks and one of his lungs collapsed and I couldnt watch him fall apart anymore. My dad was a bulky dude. Constantly did a lot of outdoor work and to see him bone skinny and have no muscle left killed me and I knew even if he somehow got through it, he would have been so miserable and depressed in that state he was in. I don’t regret it. I think it was the right thing to do by him. I’ll never not miss him though. That was my buddy


Image source: realpolitikcentrist, kyo azuma

My sister and I went to the same school, she was a year older. This guy was making her life hell and she was crying a lot, which was (still is) really, really unlike her. After weeks of this, my mom told me to beat him up and I would not be in trouble at home if I got in trouble at school for doing so.

The next day I saw my opportunity when I was in class and watched him walking in the hallway go into the guys bathroom. I immediately asked for permission to go too. I opened the door quietly and he was taking a p**s at a urinal. I Sparta kicked his a*s into the urinal and then just beat the s**t out of him, pissing on himself and all. I told him to leave my sister alone or it’d happen again.

My sister came home happy that day and never had another problem. She didn’t know this happened for about 20 years. Not a shred of regret.

I didn’t get in trouble. To his credit, he kept quiet. I did too.

Nothing happened for those roughly 20 years, we just never told her. Up until that day, she had been telling him to stop, etc. Just let her think that worked I guess. She was happy.

It faded in time until some family holiday party in the last couple of years where we were telling old stories. We laughed, she hugged me, and that was that. She’s had my back plenty in life too.


Image source: MrsRoo07, Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

I took my daughter off life support, allowing her to die.

The alternative would have been our poor baby girl “living” until her first birthday until they could remove half of her brain. She had already been over medicated with strong anti seizure meds, against our wishes and judgment, with all of her perfect function from birth stripped from her because of it. They threatened to get an emergency order for CPS to take custody and I had to fight through a four hour plus ethics board in order to be granted the right to transition to palliative care. She hung on for 12 hours without a ventilator, but never regained consciousness.

There are a lot of things about her life I wish I could do over, just to experience *better*. But fighting for her peaceful death? That was the best gift I could have ever given to her and was my duty as her mother.


Image source: anon, Artem Maltsev

A neighbor like 10 years ago was neglecting their dog badly in the heat. The dog escaped often and ended up at the shelter a lot. One day she jumped the fence and got her tie-out cable stuck on the fence. (She was not in danger of choking.) Neighbor put her on a 3-foot-long cable tied to a doorknob, no water, 90 degree day. I let some kind folks steal her, watched the whole thing and said nothing to stop them.


Image source: humblyhuman888, Tima Miroshnichenko

My big sister used to casually hookup with this Russian guy who’s family was absolutely loaded. He always seemed nice and I hoped they’d become more so he could stick around.

Well, one day my sister had a pregnancy scare. She was late on her period for a whole week, she told the guy about it and whatnot, and she was planning on getting a test later that evening. As soon as she told him he completely flipped his script and became a belligerent racist. I think racist is the right term? He basically screamed about how he couldn’t taint his blood line with “filthy American blood” and called all us Americans stupid and disgusting. He went off the handle and demanded she get an abortion or he’ll make sure the baby doesn’t live. Yeah.

She took a test and it came back negative thankfully, and then showed me the messages. He offered to pay for it and s**t, and she asked “Sis, would I be an a*****e if I took the money anyways?” And I said “in any other situation I’d say yes, but this dude is an absolute prick and isn’t hurting for cash. Tell him its $600 not $400”

So like 3 days later we met him in his rich a*s neighborhood, he was a cold heartless jerk and just handed her the $600 cash. We left that day for a girls trip out of state (: hooting and hollering in my sisters convertible with the top rolled down, I felt like I was on top of the world.

F**k you, Nikkoli


Image source: LooksLikeTreble617, Josh Sorenson

I don’t know if this was “dark”, but it was definitely s**tty and I don’t regret it.

I was in a relationship that I was too afraid to leave at the time but I knew it was abusive. My ex had been trying to alienate me from my brother, friends and parents. At this point, only my parents and one male friend still had close, uninterrupted connection to me.

My male friend was my drummer in my band and I am a full time musician, so he was around a lot. My partner would berate me, constantly accusing me of cheating on him when I wasn’t, scream at me, try to force me to get a “real job” so I wouldn’t need to deal with my music friends anymore. I was on the verge of suicide and a little bit insane.

And one day I said “f**k it, if I’m gonna constantly get accused of s**t that I didn’t do, I might as well actually be doing it”

So I had sex with the drummer. Finally left the piece of s**t a few months later. The drummer and I are getting married next year. No regrets.


Image source: hangingonforyouu, Vincenzo Giove

Being an addict. It was the darkest time of my 30 years on this earth. I don’t regret it in the sense that I was happy as an addict, but it made me the strongest, most resilient person I know. 6 years sober and counting!


Image source: DiddyDM, Kindel Media

Told my ex’s probation officer about his fiancé. It was part of his license conditions to inform them of a new relationship after he spent nearly 10 years inside for what he did to me. He didn’t tell them, even after 2 years together.

Would do it again in a heartbeat.


Image source: prettysouthernchick, Ale Zuñiga

I called animal control on my then best friend. Their dog could hardly stand up and she was losing tons of fur. Turns out she had cancer. They were given a day to get her euthanized or treated. She still thinks it was her neighbors and not me.


Image source: Known-Beach3936, Diego González

I used to work with an openly racist guy in the army. He would regularly make racist jokes and statements like telling one of our black soldiers that the “Colored Bathrooms were over there.”

I reported him to EO like I was supposed to, but because he was friends with the EO rep nothing happened.

So I went on 4chan and posted his name and social security number on a “If you hate them Post their info” threads.

He got his identity stolen.

No regrets.

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