20 Times People Were Publicly Shamed For Spreading Lies On The Internet

Published 3 years ago

Nobody likes a liar – but this fact doesn’t seem to stop some people from doing it. However, there’s something everyone should keep in mind before posting a lie on the internet: hundreds of people will be reading your post, and someone’s bound to realize you’re lying.

Tired of people spreading false information online, someone started the r/QuitYourBulls**t subreddit where the users are publicly exposing liars for their lies. And you’ll be surprised to see what crazy lies some people managed to come up with.

Check out the people who were publicly shamed for their ridiculous lies in the gallery below!

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#1 Guy Leaves A Bad Review For A Shop He Was Never Even At

Image source: Majestic_Beard

#2 Someone Is Awfully Busy With So Many Careers!

Image source: TubDumForever

#3 Idk How Restaurants Deal With All The Anti-Masker Bs Right Now

Image source: aztnass

#4 Restaurant Owner Smacks Down Bs Review

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Anti Vaxxers Never Change

Image source: RedditSmokesCrack

#6 Faking A Wedding Pic For Karma

Image source: wattapwn

#7 Vegan Lies About The Benefits Of Being Vegan. Another Vegan Calls Them Out

Image source: Peanut_Tree

#8 Don’t Need 5g When U Have The Fastest 4g In The Universe

Image source: Icey96

#9 Faking A Dead Man’s Autograph

Image source: Viazon

#10 Local Jackass Gets Corrected

Image source: jaytix1

#11 Boyfriends Steals £hundreds From Store, Goes Next Day, Gets Nicked So Girlfriend Sends 1-Star Review. As You Do

Image source: BissoumaTequila

#12 It’s Just Full Of Misinformation

Image source: Vilateral

#13 Akc Calls Out Clickbait Twitter Ad

Image source: reddit.com

#14 I Found This Review From A Local Haunted House Attraction. There Were Quite A Few Negative Reviews Just Because They Had To Follow Covid Guidelines

Image source: Bxggzys

#15 Guy Doesn’t Even Know What Band He Saw

Image source: Project_096

#16 They Did The Math

Image source: themacity

#17 Elon Is Not Having It

Image source: invigibleman

#18 *sigh*

Image source: jaytix1

#19 Cultural Appropriation vs. Cultural Appreciation

Image source: jaytix1

#20 Lying About Donating Bone Marrow

Image source: VolantisMoon

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