People In This Online Group Are Sharing Photos Of Folks Who Were Casually Radiating Strong Custom Character Energy (20 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

While some people stand out from the crowd deliberately, some of them accidentally wear something so different that they become the center of attention. Whatever the case be, it takes some guts to break the rules of society and look different.

There is an online community called “Custom Characters in Cutscenes” which is entirely dedicated to people who stand out from the crowd. Check out some of their funniest and most interesting posts in the gallery below.

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#1 I Get Dead Rising 4 Flashbacks

Image source: lejlie

#2 An Artist Among Artists

Image source: YoruNiKakeru

#3 Dominoes

Image source: Sippio

#4 Elves, Not Elvis

Image source: GonzoElBoyo

#5 My Dad Retiring In 05 (Estimation) Ft My Older Sister Who Somehow Got Into The Pentagon With That Hair

Image source:

#6 Nasa “Mars 2020” Team Members

Image source: DakotaEngland

#7 This Man With The Rarest Items

Image source: DreadedHaxorus

#8 Every One Of My Characters Ever

Image source: 216horrorworks

#9 Family Photo

Image source: The_Real_JT

#10 Official Daily Conference About The Covid Situation. Context: It’s Childrens’ Day Today In Argentina

Image source: Woosung_lala

#11 My Friend In High School Yearbook Photo

Image source: Novke1337

#12 When You Find All The Hidden Goats In Each Level You Unlock This Guy

Image source: btotheradley

#13 Ghostface Playing The Lottery

Image source: stokperdjie

#14 Anti-Bolsonaro Protest In Rio De Janeiro

Image source: mikemonk2004

#15 You Can Literally Spot Her

Image source: aldwin_is_here

#16 German Drag Queen Olivia Jones At The Federal Assembly In 2017

Image source: di77y

#17 Me_irl

Image source: Shitposternumber11

#18 My Buddy Was Told He Could Wear A Costume

Image source: _L3g10n_

#19 The Cutscene Before The Final Boss Fight

Image source: nyeusi_waasi

#20 I’m Amazed People Like This Exist

Image source: MalindaKuester

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