25 Individuals Who’ve Never Worked 9-To-5 Share Their Careers

Published 2 weeks ago

Recently, a curious question surfaced on Reddit, asking individuals who have never worked a traditional 9 to 5 job to share insights into their unconventional careers. The responses painted a fascinating picture of diverse professions and lifestyles that defy the conventional office grind.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the intriguing answers that emerged from the Reddit thread. These individuals have chosen paths that prioritize flexibility, creativity, and personal fulfillment over the rigidity of corporate schedules.

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Image source: TheCrimsonCatalyst, Jake Heinemann

I’m a farmer.


Image source: RushSpecific, Diego González

Military sometimes work 0 hours sometimes 24+ just depends.


Image source: ravioloalladiarrea, Brooke Cagle

Freelance interpreter.

When I’m needed, I’ll work. When I’m not, I’ll be sitting on my a*s. Guess where am I atm?


Image source: msodhi, Ninh Tien Dat

Waste management – never had the makings of a varsity athlete.


Image source: daggir69, Andrea Piacquadio

I’m a luthier. My job is also my passion. I work 8-16 sometimes longer if there are jobs that call for it.

If I wouldn’t have a family I would always be at work.


Image source: PepperTraditional443, Geo Chierchia

I’m a musician, so I work 24-7. But at least I’m having fun when I’m finally playing shows, instead of all the other s**t nobody tells you about ?.


Image source: HHegert, Thought Catalog

Social media marketing. I just work from home (always have due to a disability) and always make sure I can freely choose my worktimes as long as s**t gets done of course.


Image source: Soapbarnun, Alexander Kovacs



Image source: mayorodoyle, Aleksey

I’m in construction. Our hours are 7 – 3:30.


Image source: xogranmamare, Eric Nopanen

I’m a exotic dancer ? the hours are rough, my body aches, and still i really am thankful for the money and opportunities.


Image source: funklab, Funkcinės Terapijos Centras

Physician.  And I worked a bunch of jobs before medical school.  I guess the closest I came to a 9-5 job was doing 8 am to 6 pm six days a week changing tires at a truck mechanic.  .


Image source: ArrogantlyChemical, LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Teacher in higher education. Why work 5 days a week when 3 pays the bills. Some weeks have 4 days of work some have barely 3. Pretty good gig tbh.


Image source: ElonsTinyPenis, Paul Teysen

I got this little import/export business.


Image source: lusty-argonian, Redd F

Bartender, usually around 5pm-midnight.


Image source: Automatic_Square_907, Kenny Eliason

Mechanic. I do 9-1. Not the “1” that would make it a good life.


Image source: Sea_Pipe603, Laura James

Manly Nurse working since 2016 in different emergency Rooms.


Image source: sendatuenergy, cottonbro studio

Hotels & hospitality ….hotels are always open so hours can be all over the place, depending on what department you work.


Image source: futurePulitzerwinner, Andrea Piacquadio

Caregiver for elderly patients.


Image source: ItsNjry, Pixabay

Not me, but a buddy. He has worked for his dad’s pool company since he was 10. Just opening, closing, and maintaining pools. When he was still in school he worked all summer nonstop. When he graduated, he would only work 8 months out of the year, but it was a grueling schedule 12 hours a day 6 days a week. His dad paid him cash and he saved every penny.

By the time I graduated, he had about 200k saved up and started his own business away from the dad’s business. He bought a house for dirt cheap because it was 2019. The house doubled in value and now it’s worth 7 figures. His business is doing extremely well and I’m kind of jealous.

Working 72 hours a week maybe not, but I think he’s hired more people and scaled back his personal hours. Plus the in the winter he is free.


Image source: Pifftalk, Franz Roos

Snow cat operator. Our hours suck. 9pm to 7 am.


Image source: brarver, Jonathan Borba

Personal trainer.


Image source: anon, Brooke Cagle

Run my own business- it’s more than a 9-5 job – there’s weekends, stressful nights and often 10+ hour days – but I still wouldn’t trade it for a 9-5.


Image source: BustinMakesMeFeelMeh, Ketut Subiyanto

I’m a writer. It’s a double-edged sword. I can usually sleep in, but I’m never off work. There’s some measure of guilt involved in almost any hour I take to myself.


Image source: holupaminutehere, Aleksandr Neplokhov

Comedian. I tell d**k jokes to drunk people for money.


Image source: COCAINE_EMPANADA, Michael Wave

Cook/chef. My hours are “ugh, fine.”.

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