20 Examples of Plants and Pots Perfectly Paired Together

Published 1 year ago

Plants and pots are two essential elements of any indoor or outdoor garden, but it’s not always easy to know which plants and pots are the best match for each other. Choosing the right combination of plants and pots can transform any space aesthetically and add an element of freshness to it.

For this article, we have scoured through these subreddits- the String of Plants, Plants and Pots and Plants. Scroll below to see some creative ways to pair plants and pots.

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#1 My Friend Just Surprised Me With This Beautiful Selfmade Pot And I Can’t Stop Smiling!

Image source: itsameario

#2 Psycho Bob Just Chilling

Image source: korziee

#3 This Weird Ceramic Tissue Holder Makes A Much Better Air Plant Display I Think!

Image source: go2hill

#4 Perfect Match. Loved This Combo So Much, I Had To Make My First Reddit Post

Image source: hollydoggy

#5 Was Told To Post This Here Too

Image source: CrispCorpse

#6 Frog Fam!

Image source: VituperativeOlive

#7 ♥️ My Pothead

Image source: ReflectionRude9334

#8 Girl And Her Cats, All So Happy With Their Crazy Summer Hairstyles

Image source: piikissa

#9 Guess It’s Better Than Petting My Real Cats Belly

Image source: Treadingresin

#10 Super Pleased With How This Turned Out!

Image source: TakeMeToTheDriveIn

#11 One Of My Favorite Pairings

Image source: puffinprincess

#12 I Put My String Of Turtles In The New Pot I Got. I Think It’s A Great Fit

Image source: jumponjupiter

#13 Ridiculous Yet Useful For My Bedside Table!

Image source: Daisy716

#14 DIY Pineapple Planter

Image source: Mufffin_Lord

#15 I’m O B S E S S E D!

Image source: chelseacombs

#16 Honestly I’ve Peaked. My Hubs Calls Cacti Alien Babies So I Took The Ones He Picked And Set This Up For His Favorites

Image source: mrszubris

#17 Another Redditor Thought You Guys Might Appreciate This Little Guy

Image source: PammaJamma3366

#18 Brah, My New Plant And Pot Are The Perfect Match

Image source: Geekrock84

#19 Heard You Guys Might Like My Air Plant Octopus

Image source: AxReMi

#20 Snake Pot, Snake Plants!

Image source: bucklestarfish

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